What’s better than feeling 100% yourself? 

It’s time to allow your hair to ignite a flame of confidence, beauty, and grace. Because you know what? Our personalities shine brightest when we feel like our best selves. So let us take you on the journey of reclaiming your most beautiful self, inside and out!

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Make it possible with Impossible Keratin™

Lu is here to help you feel unapologetically, unbelievably you. Whether you’re going on a date or a casual night out on the town, you can embrace your hair with open arms to allow your true self to shine through. It’s time for a hair transformation like never before – your hair will look, feel, and smell absolutely ubelievable.

With our proprietary Impossible Keratin™ complex, we have a collection to suit every one of your needs:

Take the reins on frizz control and heat protecting with CONTROL, giving you that all day shine and hold.

Use FREEDOM to unleash the bounce in your curls and add volume where needed!

Or you might need RESCUE, to nourish your strands back to their healthiest state.

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Take our hair quiz and find out which formula is perfect for you. Get ready to feel unbelievably you risk-free with our 100% happiness guarantee!

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  • Always clean and cruelty-free

    Every product we make at Lu is free of parabens, sulphates (SLE, SLES), phthalates, and colorants, and is always cruelty-free. Read our full ingredient list here.

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