10 Statement Hairstyles: The Best Hair Trends of 2022

10 Statement Hairstyles: The Best Hair Trends of 2022


With 2022 almost in our rearview mirror, it's time to look back on our favorite hair trends of the year. Whether it was bold new hairstyles or glam throwbacks, these 12 'dos were our favorites in 2022.

Curtain Bangs



Curtain bangs were everywhere this summer. Named for the way the bangs elegantly frame the face, this is a style that suits every face shape and every hair texture. They make for a softer look that accentuates your best features. The only drawbacks are frequent visits to the salon for trims (seriously, leave the cuts to a professional hairstylist) and more maintenance, as bangs tend to get greasy with the buildup of oil, makeup, and sweat from your face.

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Bixies and Mixies



Named the short hairstyle of 2022 by Allure, the '90's inspired bixie made a serious comeback this year. This mashup of a bob and a pixie cut gave a classic look a new name. A layered and modern shag, it became the go-to 'do for on-trend women who wanted to add volume and texture to their locks. But it wasn't just the '90s that reigned at the salons this year. The '70s were also in, and the mixie - a combination of a mullet and a pixie cut -- gave short hair a bolder, edgier finish.

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Bronde, or "brown blonde," is nothing new. It's been around forever, but it remained an immensely popular color in 2022 for all hair types and looks, and it's no surprise why. Versatile and low-maintenance, it allowed for plenty of experimentation. From warmer hues like sandy bronde to more dramatic looks like silver bronde, this color combination invites women to match their hair color with a new haircut.

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The Wolf Cut



There were quite a few animal-inspired hairstyles this year, but the Wolf Cut might have been the most ubiquitous. Making the leap from TikTok to salons around the world, this fearless blend of a '70s shag and an '80s mullet called for shaggy layers that were appropriately wild and delightfully messy. It was all risky business in the front, party in the back, and we were there for it.

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The Mermaid Cut



The runaway hit of this year's New York Met Gala, the Boticelli-inspired Mermaid hair had everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Blake Lively looking like they had just stepped out of a Renaissance painting. Those long, loose, and somewhat unruly waves would make a statement under the sea or on the red carpet.

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The Rachel 2.0



gave myself the rachel green haircut!! And it actually worked

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Let's stay in the '90s, shall we? Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends introduced a haircut that would soon become a global phenomenon. Everyone wanted The Rachel, a shoulder-length chop boasting long layers that frame the face in a heart shape . This new version gave us a modern twist that was longer and shaggier. Here's a great tutorial if you want to cut your hair and style it just like Rachel Green would have done in 2022.

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The Jellyfish


@appletomyi How I curl/style my hair🍎‼️ #tutorial #jellyfishhaircut #wolfcut ♬ Chạy ngay đi _ Sơn Tùng MTP - dhn


Another social media craze that catapulted to fame after Nicole Kidman sported it for the cover of Perfect Magazine, the aptly named Jellyfish features a short, layered shape through the top of the head and long, disconnected, face-framing layers that fall like the tentacles of a jellyfish around the perimeter. While it can work for long hair or shorter hair, the key is the dramatic difference in length between the front and the sides.

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Box Braids


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Former First Lady Michelle Obama turned heads and inspired us all when she rocked knotless braids at the White House for her Portrait Unveiling. It was a bold choice, and instantly added some professional cred to a look that's often considered unprofessional. Knotless braids don't cause as much tension as those tiny knots along the scalp. They also feel lighter and don't mess with your hair's natural texture.

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Natural Curls


@aworkingwardrobe #greenscreen #FLOTUS rewriting the status quo. #ShowOffLandOFrost #michelleobama #grwm #knotlessbraids #workstyle #corporatestyle #crownact👑🎉 #blackwomen ♬ original sound - The Fashionable Lawyer


The natural look became almost a rallying cry during the pandemic, #curlyhairdontcare trending all over social media, and the momentum carried into 2022, as many women chose to set their curls free. Volume was in this year, and naturally thick hair was given its moment. Another way to wear your natural curls that we loved is the half-up, half-down hairstyle.

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2023 is almost here, and the new year will bring its share of new hair trends. Before we jump on the latest must-have looks, let's take a moment to celebrate a year's worth of beautiful hair.