Nuestra Historia

Welcome to Lu! Here, you are with family. Estás en tu casa. 

Our story began six years ago with a dream that inspired a mission. Our founding members (meet them below) were seasoned executives in the beauty industry who realized that there were no household hair care brands designed specifically for Latinas. Sure, there were – and are  – hair products in the market today that have Latina ambassadors, and products that work well for curly or wavy hair. 

But a hair care brand that represents the modern Latina and reflects her unique issues, pain points, and multilayered identity? A product that not only works with curly hair, or pelo rizado, but also champions and celebrates pelo malo? A beauty company that took the rich wisdom and teachings of our abuelas and applied it to modern hair care? We looked around, and we didn’t see it.

So we got to work. Lu wasn’t born overnight. We didn’t copy what others were doing and label it as our own. Our goal was to introduce the next frontier of what your hair products should do for you. To deliver on that promise, we went back to basics, to the lab for research and development, and to learning from you, our customers. For three years, we tested, developed, and refined our product, using proprietary technology, adhering to the cleanest and kindest practices in the industry, and working with some of the most knowledgeable people in the business. When Lu was finally born, it arrived in the form of three mood-based collections that were designed to meet the diverse needs of every Latina consumer. 

And then, a funny thing happened. We learned that the ingredients, fragrances, and innovation that made Lu special for Latinas also worked for everyone else. As Lu began to hit store shelves and gain a loyal following online, we kept hearing from men and women of every ethnicity, age group, and hair type, about how Lu had changed their hair game forever.  

Which brings us to today. While Lu will always have Latino DNA, our mission and purpose has expanded:

Inspired by Latino natural remedies passed down through generations and fueled by science, Lu exists to help all people feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.

Our Team

  • César Jaramillo


    We couldn’t be in better hands! Our founder is a fantastic Marketing Gurú and a man of vision who supports women in power. He believes in family values and is a proud father and a caring husband. Cesar is leading LatinUs, the first mood hair care brand for Latinas, to be the best hair care brand in the US.

  • Carol Teter


    Our superwoman CEO. She is an international business professional, mom of three, and has broad expertise in the hair industry. In the past, she had a hard time embracing her hair’s natural texture, but she loved how voluminous and shiny it was using the Freedom Collection.

  • Güero Castro

    Chief Content Officer

    When we talk about novelas and great storytelling, one name comes to mind. El Güero is a kind soul and highly creative person, an entertainment mentor, and a groundbreaker producer. With his vision, we’re bringing the novela series to life, and we’re sure every woman will enjoy and relate to it.

  • Isabel Greaves

    Chief Innovation Officer

    We love women in science, and Isa’s knowledge inspires us every day. She is an innovative executive experienced in product development of consumer packaged goods, specialized in hair care. She has a solid understanding of the Latin American markets and is passionate about trichology science and connecting with botanists and farmers, in the quest for exciting new hair ingredients.

  • Millie Carrasquillo

    Chief Research Officer

    Data-driven and with a fantastic sense of humor. Millie is one of the leading Hispanic market experts in the marketplace today; she has over 30 years of experience working in Spanish language media and has led the research efforts for the two major Spanish-language broadcast networks. Her favorite collection? Freedom, of course!

  • Isabel Peláez

    Marketing Director

    Our marketing director, queen of cross-pollination across industries, is a boss lady and a fantastic team leader. She specializes in Marketing and Creative Strategy. One of her biggest passions is working in a multicultural, changing environment. Isa loves board games, reading about creative processes, and the color orange. Of course, the best match for her was the Control Collection.

  • Michelle Mejía

    Senior Copywriter & Content Creator

    She is very passionate about the beauty industry and can talk about it for hours. Michelle loves projects that empower women and is very proud of being a Mexican writer. Like any good Aquarius, she’s very curious about life and loves content creation. She fell in love with the Control Collection and is aiming to be an inspiration for younger women.

  • César González

    Media & Analytics

    Curious, nerd, runner. He’s a seasoned Digital Marketer with a passion for Search and all things data. For more than a decade, he has helped companies of all sizes run successful online communication strategies. Born Mexican, amateur Brazilian, and professional Latin American who loves multicultural environments.