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  • Why Is My Scalp So Greasy All of a Sudden?

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  • What Is All the Buzz Around Impossible Keratin™?

    Not only is Impossible Keratin™ our star ingredient, but it is also a breakthrough complex that can help any hair type get healthier hair with every single wash. Plant-based collagen and keratin, together with silk amino acids, come together to transform your strands microscopically from the inside out. Learn more about the benefits of our breakthrough formulas here!
  • Why Latinas Matter

    Latinas' importance cannot go unnoticed: she is an early adopter, the first to try something new and tell friends and family about it. They are the face of brands across key consumer categories. Over the last fifteen years, Latinas outpaced the U.S. population growing 87% creating new businesses while the total amount of female majority-owned companies grew only 27% in the same timeframe. 

    Latinas have arrived!

  • Why I Joined As CEO

    I joined LatinUs Beauty because I fell in love with the business idea, with the people, and with the opportunity to have fun, doing what I love, with people I respect, trust, and with whom I like to hang out.  If this isn’t the dream job, I don’t know what is.  And in the meantime, DON’T WAKE ME UP!