Impossible Keratin™

Not just great for your hair, but also good to your hair. Lu’s first promise to you is to give you hair care that works with your hair rather than against it. We’ve seen what harmful ingredients and chemicals can do. And we knew that, to make hair products that were customized for your needs, we needed to customize what went into the bottle. 

That’s why we spent three years developing a breakthrough vegan keratin formulation that gives your hair three times the strength and elasticity of regular keratin. Meet Impossible Keratin™, the superfood you never knew your hair needed! 

How is Impossible Keratin better than other keratin treatments?  

Keratin is a fibrous protein that forms the main structural constituent of hair. It  is formed by a unique blend of amino acids. You lose keratin links every time you comb, blow-dry, dye, or flat-iron your hair. When you apply keratin treatments to your hair, the molecules coat the hair's cuticle, protecting it and smoothing it. Keratin can help repair damage by coating porous areas with amino acids. 

Impossible Keratin mimics hair's keratin by blending vegan ingredients to meet the same proportions of amino acids naturally occurring in hair keratin. We use 18 different vegan amino acids sourced from wheat and soy and from vegetable fermentation. These are blended with vegan collagen and silk amino acids, which are used at the right amount to ensure a significant improvement in hair strength and flexibility.

The result is a complex that delivers 3x the strength and 3x the flexibility of regular keratin treatments. It works at the microscopic level to: 

  • Add shine
  • Reduce static and frizz
  • Aid damage recovery
  • Strengthen hair
  • Improve wet & dry combing
  • Protect hair from damage caused by styling or chemical processes
  • Enhance elasticity
  • Minimize split ends & flyaways 
  • Add UV protection 
  • Add antioxidants to preserve color

How does it work?

Impossible Keratin is made of essential proteins that penetrate the hair cortex to strengthen and add flexibility. When we use chemical treatments, irons, blow dryers, dyes or other chemicals, the outer part of each hair (called the cuticle), can lose essential components and become weaker. This exposes the cortex and allows an effortless water transfer in and out of each strand, resulting in loss of moisture or frizz. Hair with cuticle damage is called "porous."

Porous or damaged hair results in an uneven cuticle with a rougher surface. This has many consequences to hair’s appearance. On the one hand, it doesn't reflect the light uniformly, causing it to look dull, sad, or dry. It also increases the friction between one strand and another, causing knots, tangles, and roughness.

Impossible Keratin restores hair health by replenishing the lost proteins. It helps recover damaged hair by coating and repairing the cuticle and depositing lost proteins with our unique blend of clean ingredients. Tests done on all types of hair proved that our formulas increase hair's tensile strength, elasticity, and reduce combing friction. This translates to stronger hair, a smoother cuticle, and less breakage during combing.