Hair Care Tips for An Active Spring Style

Hair Care Tips for An Active Spring Style


Spring is a time of awakening. Outside, temperatures are rising and winter snow has disappeared. Animals begin to stir from hibernation and beautiful flowers are blooming all around. It’s time to ditch the winter beanie that kept your stunning locks hidden for so long and let your hair greet the season. Spring has sprung, and nothing seems impossible, so why not step outside and embrace it?

Spring Activities and Celebrations

Spring Activities and Celebrations

We’ve been waiting months for springtime to arrive, counting down the days until we can ditch that unflattering winter coat and unleash our colorful spring wardrobe (and maybe even new spring hair color) on the world. Now that it’s finally here, check out these awesome spring activities that will remind you why it’s the world’s favorite season.

Spring Break

If you love skiing, winter can be a great time to go on vacation, but for everybody else there’s Spring Break. We’re not talking about spending your vacation drinking jello shots on the beach (unless that’s what you're into), but rather about a refined vacation to recharge. From LA to Lake Como, here are Conde Nast Traveller's hand-picked recommendations to welcome the warm season in 2023.

Spring Cleaning

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t as exciting as a trip to Europe, but cleaning the house in spring is a timeless ritual that's a lot more appealing than doing so in the dead of winter. This is the season for new beginnings, after all, so it's the ideal time to throw out the old, throw open the windows, and throw yourself into a thorough cleaning that gets to all the corners and crevices in your home. The warmer weather means you can shake out the rugs outside and let in a fresh breeze that will feel just as nice running through your hair as it will through your home.

Get Active

Spring is the best time of year to get your glow on with your favorite sport, game, or activity. Catch our amigas at Club America, a team of jefas we are proud to sponsor, or Major League Baseball's Spring Training games. If you'd rather play than watch, put your hair up in a sporty style and join a local soccer league, go for a jog or a swim, or jump on that exercise trend you’ve been hearing about (primal movement workouts, anyone?). If you prefer to keep it low key, try hiking. Spring is wildflower season. From vibrant bluebells to the stunning starflowers, it’s a time of year where hiking trails start to become lined with sweet-smelling, colorful flowers that are far too pretty to pick. At Lu, we know a thing or two about the power of floral scents (you can browse through our collections to see what each Lu hair product smells like). So we would be the first to recommend breathing in the aromas of spring and taking in the colorful floral display on a lovely spring hike!

Picnic Season

We spend a lot of time inside during winter. We eat, work and sleep next to the nearest heat source and shudder at the thought of stepping foot outside. Now that spring is here, you can spread your wings and do anything you want in the beautiful weather outside. It’s officially time to make a colorful spring salad with your favorite leafy greens, pack a classic red picnic blanket and maybe even a bottle of champagne to toast the season, and head outside for an unforgettable picnic lunch with family, old friends, or new flames!

Plant a Garden

Wildflowers pop up of their own accord during spring, but we have to put some work in to enjoy spring vegetables. Start planting the garden of your dreams early and you’ll soon be enjoying cabbages, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and more. Nothing tastes better than a meal prepared using ingredients you’ve grown yourself.

Let the Music Play

Winter reduces us to Spotify playlists of songs that remind us of the good times. But, when spring arrives, live music returns and that means it's the perfect time to start rocking your best new styles and dancing until your feet hurt at a concert or event. If you're not quite ready for a crowd yet, many musical acts livestream their gigs, giving you a virtual front-row seat to the show.

Styles That Come Alive in Spring



Now that you’ve decided what to do this season, it’s time to unleash your spring look. Will you opt for pastel colors for an Easter themed 'do, or bold colors to signal a new you for the season? You’ve kept your mane under wraps (and under hats) for far too long this winter. Spring to the salon, tell your hair stylist to get creative, cut away those winter split ends (unless you've been using Control, in which case you shouldn't have any!), and embrace a new 'do. Need some inspiration? Check out these trendy spring hairstyles that are as eye-catching as the blooming flowers.

C Cut to the Chase

Jennifer Anniston was an early adopter of the C Cut, which is formed by cutting a C-shape into the hair at the front, but it’s definitely going through a moment right now. The best part about this classic look is that it suits all hair types, from curly girls to straight cuts. The C-shape will frame your face, while the rest of the hair falls to create a gentle C and give your hair an effortlessly classy look. It’s the perfect cut to announce yourself to the new season.

Howl Like a Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut, recently popularized by Jenna Ortega, is inspired by the '70s shag cut and the 80s mullet. It blends more smoothly than a traditional mullet, and is a great look for people with thinner hair as it adds tons of texture. If you want your hair to look like Jenna’s, you’ll need to color it a beautiful shade of auburn, which is bound to fit in on those long walks through the wildflowers.

The Octopus

There are at least eight reasons why the Octopus should become your spring look. You can’t miss this unique style that resembles an octopus' legs at the back, thanks to numerous choppy layers cut into the hair. It’s like a shag for the new generation - what’s not to love? It’ll look wild at your first spring concert of the year.

How to Take Care of Spring Hair

How to Take Care of Spring Hair

Spring brings its own hair challenges, but the good news is there's a Lu collection for every style and need!


The warmer days shift more hair into the telogen, or resting, phase. This can lead to hair shedding, as new hairs push out the old at the end of this phase of hair growth. To counteract this, we need to take extra care of our hair as it gets used to the new season, and repair damage we may have caused by letting our hair care regime slip during the colder months.

Lu's Rescue Collection is designed to recover dry, damaged hair. Formulated with shatavari-infused glycerin, this collection of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in therapy cream can help even the most lifeless locks bounce back from the brink. Moisturizing shatavari contains phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that promote healthy hair. Lu's Rescue Collection also contains Impossible Keratin™️ to increase the hair's tensile strength (that is, its ability to resist tearing), vegan collagen to increase the body’s hair-building proteins, and silk amino acids that bind to hair and strengthen it. But don’t take our word for it: read the rave reviews on Amazon to learn how Lu has helped revitalize hair for real customers!


If you're debuting a new style along with a new hair color, you want to control every aspect of your look. If superior styling that tames the frizz will put an extra spring in your step, reach for the Control Collection.


Is the new season all about celebrating your natural hair color, curls, coils, and waves? Let Freedom ring this spring and let your curls loose with added bounce, volume, and definition! Ifyou've been waiting all year to rock your 'fro, rizos, or beautiful waves, add some Freedom to your hair care routine.