LatinUs Beauty is more than just a hair care brand; it's a celebration of Latina strength, beauty, freedom, and authenticity. We believe in the power of a united community, where everyone tells a story of resilience and self-love.

We believe beauty isn't confined by standards; it's a reflection of the powerful, free spirit within each of us.

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We understand that each day can bring new challenges, mindsets, and moods, and your hair should reflect that.

The world is diverse and so is your hair, that’s why we've created a line of hair care products that go beyond just straight, curly or wavy locks – we can prove that you don't need a lot of products to get different hair styles, explore endless looks, and express your unique personality; 

So, let's embark on this journey together…

Healthier hair from the first use

Make it possible with Impossible Keratin™

Unlike synthetic alternatives, our Impossible Keratin™ complex works deep within each strand, repairing and strengthening from the inside out. You'll feel the difference right away, your hair will have a makeover experience.

If you want a polished look without frizz, our CONTROL collection is for you. If you want to enhance your curls or wavy hair, our FREEDOM collection will help you achieve that effortless look. If you need to nurture and repair your hair, our RESCUE collection will work its magic and give you just that.

  • Control Collection

    Regain command over your hair with our CONTROL Collection. Made with powerful ingredients, it tames unruly locks and baby hairs. I will make you look smooth by providing a sleek finish that lasts all day. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to the control you've always wanted.

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  • Rescue Collection

    Sometimes, your hair needs a hero. The RESCUE Collection is your trusty sidekick, infused with ingredients that nurture, repair, and revitalize your hair from within. Experience newfound strength and vitality with every wash.

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  • Freedom Collection

    Embrace your uniqueness with the FREEDOM Collection. This line celebrates your authentic hair identity and offers versatile solutions to let your true self shine. Feel free to experiment and express your style with confidence.

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Control Collection
Rescue Collection
Freedom Collection

Right for you if you want:

  • Frizz-free hair
  • Volume, shine and definition
  • Restored and healthy hair
  • Only the best ingredients
  • A delicious and pleasant smell
I'm in!

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Transform yourself each moment of your day and let your vibe show. Let everyone see the real you when it comes to your hair expression.

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Welcome to the family that celebrates the unique essence of every Latina.

The Lu difference

  • Natural ingredients

    Powerful, clean ingredients. Responsibly sourced. Natural oils and butters that will transform your hair from the very first wash.

  • Scents

    Perfumist-grade scents that provide a pleasant smell that stays with you throughout the day without being overpowering.

  • Make it possible with Impossible Keratin™

    Powered by our revolutionary Impossible Keratin™ complex, infused with vegan keratin and silk amino acids, Lu takes hair care to the next level.

  • Always clean and cruelty-free

    Every product we make at Lu is free of parabens, sulphates (SLE, SLES), phthalates, and colorants, and is always cruelty-free. Read our full ingredient list here.

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