The 2023 Fall Hairstyles We’re Falling For

The 2023 Fall Hairstyles We’re Falling For

Golden leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice ... what's not to love about fall? It's also the perfect time to put away your summer looks and break out a new hairstyle. Are curtain bangs still in this season, or is it all about short and edgy bobs? Let's take a look at some of our favorite hair trends that are sure to turn heads as much as the leaves turning color.  


Birkin Bangs  


Birkin Bangs are in with a bang! This classic '70s hairstyle hit the mainstream when style icon Jane Birkin sported the effortless look. Then Zendaya brought them back in 2021, and they're still going strong this year. Described as being a laid-back 'do with a classically French and sultry vibe, there’s always been somebody rocking Birkin Bangs since the hairstyle became popular but it’s receiving a lot of attention right now. If you want to keep the look going this fall, be sure to take a reference photograph along to the salon. You want bangs that graze the eyebrows, which may require a little more maintenance and upkeep. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to thin out the ends, but not to open up your face too much to keep in line with the Birkin original. And make sure to use Lu's Control Collection to keep those bangs looking sleek and stylish without any split ends or breakage.


The Hush Cut 


Coming to us from Korea and invading salons everywhere this fall, the hush cut is a big trend that combines two of our favorite styles: bangs and layers. Think of it as a wispier version of the wolf cut. The "hush" name refers to its low-key, low-maintenance elegance and versatility. This is a great look for women with natural waves, or those who style their straight hair to be wavy. Ideal for medium to longer layers, it lets you use that length to your advantage while also allowing for more movement. Perfect the look with the Freedom Collection, which gives those loose waves additional body and texture while letting those wispy bangs flow freely.


Goddess Braids 


Goddess Braids are a protective hairstyle, which means your hair isn’t receiving the same daily and often damaging treatment as regular styles, and they’re a gorgeous look to try out this fall. This style is a larger and thicker type of cornrows that is popular among women who want to keep their natural hair type. What makes goddess braids different from classic box braids is the wavy hair or curls added along each braid. To get your goddess on, section your hair into two parts off center, then braid each section close to the hairline. These two sections will meet at the back to create an unforgettable halo, which is where the hairstyle gets its name. Between braids, take care of your locks with the Rescue Collection, which gives your hair an extra layer of nourishment and protection. 


The “Rachel” Cut


New season, same old haircut? Not a chance. Some looks never go out of style, while others get periodic makeovers. The "Rachel 2.0" is a modern twist on a classic, and it's a celebrity hairstylist favorite this year. Trendsetter Jenna Ortega has been spotted wearing this look, and her version of the “Rachel” is a reimagining for the stylish Gen Z crowd. It’s a shorter and choppier shag haircut that's just as eye-catching as the original look made famous by Jennifer Anniston iconic character in Friends. Ask your stylist for two or three tiers of layering using a razor to define the layers and give this classic style a modern cut, and give those layers some extra bounce with a healthy dose of Lu's Freedom Collection.


Shaggy Lob 


Just like the "Rachel," the shaggy lob utilizes razor cut technique to create choppy and textured layers that will look good with any fall sweater you pull out of the wardrobe. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, this tousled look is sure to look great. You can make it even edgier with straight cut bangs across the front. At the salon, your stylist will add layers and texture to your hair and will utilize point-cutting techniques to bring out your facial features fully. Get your waves to look even wispier than usual with Lu’s Control Collection.


'90s Supermodel Bob


Bob haircuts are all the rage right now, and the ‘90s Supermodel bob is rocking the streets and the catwalk. This more textured bob is guaranteed to give you the glamorous look you’re after for those Instagrammable moments at pumpkin patches and Halloween parties. Celebrities like Aubrey Plaza and Hailey Bieber have been showing off this flipped bob for a while now, but it’s going to keep growing in popularity as we enter the fall months. Work with your stylist to get a length that complements your unique features. If you want to add volume, reach for the Freedom Collection, and use a hairdryer with a diffuser to protect your locks.  


The Italian Bob


The Italian Bob is quite the Italian job (see what we did there?). With fashionistas from Hailey Bieber to Kourtney Kardashian sporting their versions of this cut, it's sure to be a trendy alternative to long bobs this season. The style’s choppy ends and short layers add weight to the bob without giving your hair a heavy look, grazing the neck with internal texture. If you want this to be your 'do, be sure to ask your stylist for a bob that grazes the neck. We love the look with a side part, as Hailey shows us.