7 Cottagecore Hairstyles That Are So Spring Ready

7 Cottagecore Hairstyles That Are So Spring Ready

The cottagecore trend, also known as farmcore or countrycore, hit the mainstream at the beginning of the pandemic. While locked inside, people started to pine for the seemingly lofty lifestyles of free folk in the country, and turned to TikTok to see what they were up to. Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore,” released in 2020, drew inspiration from the movement and further popularized the dreamy countryside aesthetic that includes everything from peasant dresses to vintage floral patterns. But, it’s not just the right clothing and pictures next to pig pens that will help you achieve the cottagecore look of your dreams. Check out these cottagecore hairstyles that will blow up your Instagram feed and give you the perfect look for the season.

1. Take a Bow, Bows!

Hair bows and cottagecore go together like horses and hay. Spruce up most countryside looks with a beautiful bow. Start with a simple ponytail or, for a throwback we can get behind, bring back the topsy tail instead. Put your hair up into a ponytail, split it down the middle and upturn your ponytail through the hole of your chosen topsy tail clip. This classic look has major cottagecore vibes and pairs perfectly with an oversized bow out in the pasture.

2. Baby Bangs

Cottagecore, along with Taylor Swift herself, has a lot to thank the indie scene for. Baby bangs have been transferred from the “hayday” of the indie scene by farmcore fanatics and been given a new lease of fresh country air, but you’ll see this unique look being rocked by everybody from Beyonce to Ariana Grande. Stylists will be thrilled to help you rock this chic look, and will know the right height for your face shape. Spruce it up with a floral headband for good measure. It's a favorite cottagecore hairstyle for good reason. They work with any hair type, from curly hair to straight hair and short hair to long hair.

3. Reach for the Kerchiefs

There’s no separating cottagecore style and curly hair. In fact, don’t tell your friends with straight hair that we said this, but no hair type does this look better. From natural waves to free and easy curls, cement your lady of the manor look with a kerchief with floral prints tied around the top of your head. If you want your curls to sing, add Lu’s Freedom Collection to your hair care routine. Its powerful blend of Moringa Seed Oil and Impossible Keratin™ improve moisture retention, reduces frizz caused by humidity, and strengthens every hair strand for visibly healthy, bouncy, and beautiful curls.

4. Floral French Braid



Taylor Swift fans can take a leaf out of her cottagecore look by emulating the French Plait she famously rocked during her Evermore album release. Make sure your hair is textured nicely by using Free To Be styling Cream, a dual-action styling cream that hydrates and enhances texture that prevents frizz. Then, begin braiding by putting your fingers by your temples and sectioning your hair from here. Weave a three-strand braid from the top down, adding more hair every time you take a strand over. Don’t stop until you’ve added all of your hair to the braid, and remember, cottagecore is not about perfection. After all, when you’ve been planting seeds all day in your cottage garden, there’s bound to be a few loose curls here and there!

5. Curls + Silk Scarf

Be sure to save all of those silk scarves your grandmother gave you to live the cottagecore lifestyle. Let your long curls hang down like nature intended, then jazz up your hair by tying a vintage silk scarf around your head. The best part about this look is that silk scarves are naturally kind on your curls and don’t damage your hair like cotton or synthetic materials.

6. Gibson Tuck

Try your luck with a Gibson Tuck at the next barn dance or pasture party you’re invited to. Start with a center parting, followed by sectioning your hair on one side of your face, twisting it away from you, and bringing in hair from underneath until you reach your nape. Slip a sectioning clip to hold it in place, then do it again on the other side of your head. Next, roll your ponytail over on itself and create a small hole at the top. Finally, slip the ponytail through and pin it in place. Finish off your look with a lovely string of flowers or tiny pink hair ribbons.

7. Half Up, Half Down

The final cottagecore look that all country girls should have in their arsenal this spring is the half up, half down. Keep it basic and make a loose ponytail in the middle of your hair, leaving hair to flow below like water gently flowing in a babbling brook in the quiet countryside. Or, go for a boho braid instead. Gather your hair from your temples up, braid it loosely and secure it at the back of your head with a floral pin. Farm life never looked so good!

Cottagecore is a whole fashion trend that's been all over social media lately, but it also includes a variety of beautiful hairstyles that you can wear in spring and summer. If you try any of these looks, share a pic and tag #MyLuMoment!