2023 Hair Trends That We're Excited About

2023 Hair Trends That We're Excited About

It's time to turn the page on 2022 and welcome the new year! 2022 brought us a ton of fun new hairstyles and hair colors for every hair type, and 2023 will have its share of looks and 'dos, from bob cuts to shaggy layers and so much more. Without further a 'do (see what we did there?), here are the 10 biggest hair trends going into the new year.

1. The Chanel Haircut

The Chanel haircut

Coco Chanel pioneered the bob long before it was a thing, and we predict that it will get a modern twist in 2023. Cut at chin length or just a bit longer, with a deep side part and bangs, this look is sleek and sophisticated without requiring a lot of maintenance. It's super easy to create and promises to be one of the haircut trends of the new year in part because of its simplicity.

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2. Octopus Hair


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Haircuts inspired by animals were all the rage in 2022, with the wolf cut and the jellyfish making fashion headlines. We expect the trend to continue in the new year. Enter the Octopus cut, which is all about layers and volume cascading past your shoulders. Ideal for long hair, its shape resembles the shag and mullet combo that has been everywhere this year. Make sure to keep your bangs wispy and your ends long and loose to pay proper tribute to the creature that inspired this 'do.

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3. Short Afro



A short haircut with a big attitude, the short Afro is set to be the look of the new year for people with curly hair or coils. This is a versatile look that leaves enough hair for you to style to your taste, mood, and creativity.

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4. Curtain Bangs


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Curtain bangs are nothing new. This face-framing look can be so flattering just about every face shape and hair length, because it can accentuate your best features. Shorter on the inside and longer on the outside, there are so many ways to style curtain bangs. You can add softness to a short bob, create a grungy, bedhead look with wispy bangs and a center part, or try long curtain bangs for straight hair.

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5. Butterfly Hair



Here's another animal-inspired style that will fly in 2023. If you've got wavy hair or curls, you're going to love this feathery combination of short and long layers, the butterfly gives your mane major volume and movement. The short layers fall around the chin and frame the face, while the longer strands sit below the shoulders.

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6. Sky-High Ponytails


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With the new Barbie movie hitting theaters in July 2023, the Mattel icon's iconic golden locks are sure to be a big trend with everyone from celebrity hairstylists to social media DIYers. The sky-high ponytail is an easy, low-maintenance look that can work for straight hair or wavy hair.

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7. The Shaggy Bowl Cut



Ah, who doesn't love that mushroom look that instantly reminds you of the '80s? The bowl cut was a big trend back in the day, and it's getting a shagadelic upgrade in 2023. For best effect, opt for bangs with blunt or ragged edges, and contouring around the cheekbone. The added layering gives movement and dimension, making this classic look way more modern.

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8. Barbiecore Pink



Not so much as a style as perhaps the hottest hair color for 2023, Barbie-inspired pink will be in your face all summer long. Already rocked by style trailblazers like Joey King and Dua Lipa, this bubble-gum hue is here to stay, and can be part of your personal style statement as well. You can wear it Barbie-long or try it out on a shorter style.

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9. Undercut


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Edgy and cool, the undercut is a bad look for a bold start to the new year. It consists of a buzzed section at the nape of the neck and sides that removes excess weight from hair. Popular with men and women, it's a low-maintenance cut that will have your hair feeling lighter.

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10. The Shullet



Mullets roared back from ... well, they were never really in, were they, but they did become cool in 2022. The Shulletr - the happy marriage of a shag and mullet - is one reason why the resurgence works. This versatile haircut works for any hair texture, and it looks even better when it's messy, so you won't have to worry about spending hours styling it.

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What's the hairstyle you're most looking forward to trying in 2023? Let us know in the comments!