9 Classic Hairstyles Worn by Barbie Through the Years

9 Classic Hairstyles Worn by Barbie Through the Years

Named after the creator’s daughter, Barbie first strutted into playrooms across America in 1959. With her endless fashion accessories and Barbie doll hairstyles, the 11.5-inch bombshell has been a constant companion and fashion icon for generations of kids from all over the world. It's no surprise that Barbie has now conquered the big screen in her first live-action movie, with the amazing Margot Robbie in the title role, and that means the beloved character’s stunning styles are all the rage. If you want to channel your Totally Hair Barbie, try out these nine "Barbiecore" hairstyles. 


1. First Barbie Bangs 


Barbie is usually associated with long, silky blonde hair, but the original Barbie actually had curly bangs instead of straight hair! Available in both blonde and brunette, the first ever Barbie doll was officially a curly girl in a black-and-white zebra striped swimsuit. In the new movie, Margot Robbie rocks this look like never before and even wears the same swimsuit. If you want the look, ask your stylist for shorter bangs and pin your hair up in the back. Use Lu's Freedom Collection to help your bangs pop like Barbie’s and let those curls do the talking without worrying about a curling iron.    

2. Iconic Barbie


The first Barbie might have had bangs, but the most iconic Barbie has luscious long hair that gently curls down beyond her shoulders. JLo is one celebrity who has embraced the Barbie look, earning the nickname “Bronx Barbie,” and even releasing her own Barbie in 2012. Like the original, Robbie plays homage to this classic look, too. People with long hair need to get a middle part and layers to flaunt this one. And Lu's Freedom Collection will help you get those perfect Barbie curls.

3. Curly Ponytail

 A young woman with dark curly hair and a curly ponytail.

Barbie from Mexico was part of The Dolls of the World Collection and showcased how thick dark hair and effortless curls are a thing of beauty. Simply bunch it up low in the back and let your curls flow down your back. But just like your Barbie doll can get frizz and split ends with this style (no matter how much you brush it out), your hair can also get stressed out with a ponytail. Make sure your mane is in tip-top condition with Lu's Rescue Collection, which works to recover stressed hair, and is designed to recover damaged hair.

4. Halo Braid Afro

An African-American woman with a halo braid afro.

Anybody can embrace the beauty of Barbie, including people with tight curls and afros. The halo braid has been featured on a gorgeous Barbie in the past, and if your natural hair is curly, you can get this cool look, too. Start with a side parting and a Dutch braid, which you’ll continue around your head and pin in place. Then, let your curls pop on top. Just make sure to rescue those tightly bound locks with Lu’s Rescue Collection, which penetrates the hair shaft to deliver moisture and nourishment to every strand.

5. Messy Beehive 


Another of Margot’s looks in the movie, the messy beehive sums up the '60s to a tee. To get this classic hairstyle in real life, you’ll need to begin with a side parting. Then, gather your hair together, leaving a few strands at the sides by the ears. Now that it’s gathered, secure the beehive in the back with bobby pins in the position you want. The messy beehive will work even better with textured hair. Use Lu's Control Collection to ensure your beehive stays in place with no frayed ends ruining the look. 

6. Barbie Braids

Not only has Barbie rocked braids, but a recent Ken doll has shown that protective styles are great for men, too. Braids can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to complete, depending on the length of your hair, but can lead to an eye-catching look and weeks of low-maintenance locks. Hitting the height of popularity in the ‘90s, box braids are one of the Barbie-inspired styles we’re after this year. To get the look, make three-strand plaits in your hair, taking care to evenly section it into boxes. Box braids go all the way down to the end of the hair and are left to hang loose, which means you can put them in different styles. And unlike Barbie, you've got Lu's Rescue Collection to keep your braids nourished and moisturized.

7. Side Ponytail

 A young woman with brown hair in a side ponytail

Another quintessential Barbie look, the side ponytail will, of course, be rocked by Robbie in the Barbie movie this summer. Turn up to the premiere at your local theater with the recognizable side ponytail that Barbie has worn so many times over the years. First, tease your hair and section it into one back section and two front sections, securing the back section in place to the side to create the side ponytail. Pull back the larger front section and secure it with pins, or get creative with flashier hair accessories. Use Lu's Freedom Collection to keep those waves flowing. 

8. Classic High Ponytail


The Barbie ponytail trend is always on point for any hair type, and it's the easiest of the doll's hairstyles to own. From Beyonce to Ariana Grande, many celebrities have rocked this iconic look, but Barbie is the one who brought it to the mainstream. To achieve it, simply pull your hair back into a high ponytail, allowing the ends to curl out at the bottom, and style a swoop into the front of your hair. Lu's Control Collection will do the rest, giving smooth, silky strands that never stray out of place.

9. Barbie Bob

The bob is the last of Barbie hairdos to make our list. To get it, ask your stylist to divide your hair into three sections, cut it uniformly at the same spot, and then add layers to give you a look that comes straight out of France in the '20s. Barbie dolls through the years have sported many types of bobs, which show you that short cuts can work even for an icon known for their long locks. The secret to a fabulous bob is superior styling, which you can achieve with Lu's Control Collection.

It feels like Barbie has been every little girl's friend, role model, and fashionista at some point. Like the best trend-setters and trail-blazers, she's also evolved with the times to be more inclusive and representative of young women around the world. There's a lot to love about our favorite doll, but which of Barbie's hairstyles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!