How to Rock the McDonald's Bangs TikTok Hair Trend

How to Rock the McDonald's Bangs TikTok Hair Trend

McDonald's and hair trends don't often go together, but this is one look that hits the social media sweet spot when it comes to cute and easy styles. One of the best TikTok hair trends of 2023, this unique take on the iconic fast food chain's "golden arches" has been adopted by legions of fans. Here's what McDonald's bangs are all about, and how you can add it to your menu.

What Are McDonald's Bangs


Okay, we know McDonald's bangs might sound like a greasy and not very glam hairstyle, but they're actually a rather fun and modern look. This Tiktok video tutorial shows you how easy it is to put together. The key is achieving that curvy M-shape in your bangs to emulate the iconic golden arches. It's like a happy, kind of retro twist on the classic curtain bangs, and it can work on any face shape.

How to Get the Look


They might look like a lot of work, but McDonald’s bangs are pretty simple to create, which is one of the reasons we love them. You don't even need hot styling tools to achieve those distinctive swoops, which is another reason it's one of the beauty trends we can get behind (we know what too much heat can do to your hair).

If you want to create your very own golden arches, you'll need to control your mane for superior manageability. Look no further than Lu's Control Collection, which gives you shiny, healthy hair as well as long-lasting styling without split ends, frizz or flyaways. Control works with all hair types, but is especially effective for curly or wavy hair. Start with the Control Shampoo and Conditioner, which will leave your hair feeling soft and luxuriously smooth, and then apply the “Lock the Look” Styling Cream to your damp locks. Use your hands to lift your bangs into that M-shape, and use clips to set the look until they air dry, giving you face-framing layers that Ronald McDonald would approve of.

And that's all there is to it! People are loving the way this style looks effortlessly chic. While it's especially popular among women with longer hair, there are plenty of TikTok users with medium-length hair who are ready to show you how to achieve it.

Have you tried McDonald's bangs?