The Best Fall Hair Colors of 2023

The Best Fall Hair Colors of 2023

Fall is all about color. The leaves display their autumn hues, pumpkin orange is everywhere, and warm tones greet the cooler weather. In other words, it's the perfect time for a new hair color. These trendy tones reflect the warm and earthy hues of nature during this wonderful season. They'll look perfect with your snuggly cardigan or favorite coat, and are sure to make jaws drop like autumn leaves. 

Deep Purple 


Transitional weather is a chance to pick a transitional hair color like purple. Plum shades are trending this season, and it's an ideal pick because plums keep fruiting until October. It’s also a great place to start if you’re a brunette before diving into something richer like deep purple, and it means you don’t need to bleach your hair first. If you want to commit fully to this color, go all in with a deep purple to finish this season in sumptuous style. Purple hair is a great look if you’ve got darker skin with cool undertones. It also works beautifully as subtle highlights in dark brown or black hair.




Catch people’s eyes and the light with caramel colors in your hair this fall season. Caramel is a beautiful blend of brown and golden and is a versatile look that’s sure to stun on everybody from brunettes to redheads and blondes. Caramel hair is a good pick for most skin tones, but really catches the eye on neutral to warm skin. And if you're a natural brunette, caramel highlights are a lovely way to complement your base color with a pop of lighter hues.  



If you've gone blonde like Barbie for summer or have naturally light hair, add a little honey into the mix to give your locks a pop this fall season. There’s nothing as comforting as a warm tea with a spoonful of honey on a crisp fall evening, so why not choose a hair color to match? Just like you don’t want too much honey overpowering your warm beverage, you may prefer to go for balayage, which is a free-hand hair painting technique that will bring out the honey in your natural hair color without overdoing it. Once again, it’s a shade that suits most skin tones and hair types, but looks especially eye-catching on warmer hues. 

Chestnut Brown 


Brunettes can transform their hair to reflect the gorgeous chestnuts that appear everywhere during fall season. You can choose a darker chestnut brown or a more reddish brown that crackles and pops like chestnuts roasting on an open fire and it’s a great natural progression if you’ve got caramel or honey hair and are looking to go darker. If you’ve got warm undertones, this gorgeous color is for you. 

Dark Chocolate


Whether it’s hot cocoa or a bar of chocolate around the fire pit outside, nothing says fall like chocolate. A beautlful choice for rich brunettes who want to go a little darker, you can look delicious by opting for dark chocolate hair this fall season. While warm undertones look great with this shade, paler skin tones will look wonderful with a slightly lighter, regular chocolate brown color that has hints of red and honey instead.




People looking for an autumn-inspired hair color on the warmer side should go for copper. This fabulous fiery look has bronze undertones that reflects the changing colors of maple trees. Copper is a wonderful addition for people with fair skin with cool undertones who want a contrasting hair color that really stands out. 


Pumpkin Spice


This fall season, opt for pumpkin spice and all things nice both in your latte and your hair color. Blending copper, auburn and strawberry blonde, this aptly-named color will add a bit of spice to your life, especially if you have dark roots. Simply add light copper and orange to the middle of your hair to achieve pumpkin spice. It's obviously the perfect shade for the season.

Red, Red Wine

Grab a mug of mulled wine, gather around the fireplace and sip it with your nearest and dearest during the cooler months, and do it with a rich red wine hair color to match. People will want to drink in this bold and beautiful style that perfectly reflects red wine and red maples as they start to turn. Red wine another one of those dark hair colors that look beautiful with both medium and deep skin tones.


Taking Care of Color-Treated Hair

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