13 Latina Celebrities Who Know How to Rock Their Natural Hair

13 Latina Celebrities Who Know How to Rock Their Natural Hair

Let’s face it: When it comes to setting unrealistic expectations of beauty, celebrities are typically among the main culprits. While flashy, elaborate, and downright logic-defying hairdos (not to mention hair colors) can often provide fun inspiration and a hefty dose of bedazzlement on the red carpet, they can also become a source of frustration for anyone daring enough to try to copy them. But you don't often see your favorite celebs rocking their natural hair in public. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see our chicas proudly sporting their God-given goods on and off the screen, and reaffirming the innate beauty in natural hairstyles. Here are 10 Latina celebs, in no particular order, who know how to celebrate their natural roots.



"The Queen of Latin Music" has sported many hairstyles over the years. Although we loved her with a chic bob, her signature look celebrates her curly, natural hair texture. From rocking her natural hair color during her early years, she’s mixed it up with red hair, blonde locks, and that gorgeous shade of honey blonde hair that looks so, well, natural to her. In fact, the Colombian singer recently confessed to "Cosmopolitan" that her many hair color changes have taken their toll on her mane. “I sometimes miss my super-shiny black, dark hair,” she said. “Once you put bleach on your hair, it just never shines the same way.” Dear Shakira, may we recommend our Rescue Collection to help bring back that beautiful shine?




Salma Hayek

Since bursting onto the Hollywood scene with a bang in the 1995 action flick "Desperado," the Veracruzan actress, producer, mom, and always on trend icon for millions of Latinas hasn’t shied from unleashing her wavy long hair in all its glory. Throughout the years, styles have come and gone - like when she perfectly channeled iconic artist Frida Kahlo in the eponymous 2002 biopic (snagging an Oscar nomination along the way, a first for a Mexican actress at the time). Recently, the 55-year-old actress proudly displayed a few silver strands – her canas de la sabiduria – aging like a fine reposado.



Stephanie Beatriz

The voice of quirky Colombian Mirabel Madrigal, the bespectacled heroine of Disney’s animated smash hit "Encanto," real life Beatriz shares hair similarities with her animated alter-ego. Born in Argentina to a Colombian father and a Bolivian mother, the actress typically flaunts her natural curls, albeit at a considerably longer length than Mirabel. Whether she’s playing Rosa Diaz, the badass detective with all kinds of attitude on NBC’s "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" or Sonia Ramirez, Gloria Pritchett’s (Sofia Vergara) scheming and slightly unstable sister in ABC’s "Modern Family," her long, gloriously wild curls are as feisty as her characters.



Selena Gomez

From Disney Channel darling to one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, the ultra-talented Texan Selena Gomez has stayed close to her natural roots. After all, she’s famously named after late Tejano icon Selena Quintanilla. But the 29-year-old celeb has certainly carved a path for herself, becoming, as of 2022, the most-followed singer and actress on Instagram. Known for keeping it real on social media, Selena recently shared an irresistible selfie on the 'gram, displaying her natural wavy texture and voluminous curls. The heart wants what it wants…



Zoe Saldana

Whether she's playing a bright green alien in "Guardians of the Galaxy," a bright blue alien in "Avatar," or the intergalactic Starfleet officer Uhura in "Star Trek," Zoe Saldana's performances are often other-worldly. The über-talented actress of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage brings her own bad self to every role and always makes us want to cheer for her. But can we also take a moment to give her a hand for her long, wavy, natural hair? While she often wears it straight, Saldana showed the world she embraced the natural hair movement in 2013, when she was featured on cover of Allure Magazine's June issue sporting her wavy coils in their natural hue. She looked out of this world.



Rosario Dawson

Talk about a storied career. Rosario Dawson has commanded the big screen for more than 20 years. In addition to roles in blockbuster franchises like "Star Wars," "Men in Black," and "Sin City," she's also appeared in a music video for The Chemical Brothers, starred in the online science fictions series "Gemini," been cast in many indie flicks, and has even rocked the mic as a singer. The New York native of Afro Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage is an example to any aspiring Latina actress. Her naturally wavy long hair are a staple of her look, although we do love her new, short 'do!



Rita Moreno

The 90-year-old (yes… ninety!) Puerto Rican actress has been an iconic Latina celebrity for seven decades and counting. And throughout her storied career – which includes an Oscar for her career-defining role in 1962’s "West Side Story," as well as Tony and Emmy awards – she has proudly upheld her cultural background. Back in 1952 – while filming "Singing in the Rain," she even refused Gene Kelly’s suggestion that she should cut her signature locks to look less, ahem, ethnic. Her answer? “It goes against my culture.” Today, Moreno sports a show-stopping silver pixie cut with gusto. Once an icon, always an icon.



América Ferrera

There’s nothing ugly about the "Ugly Betty" lead character’s hair… or anything else, for that matter. In fact, she recently became the face of CoverGirl’s Clean Fresh Skincare collection. Now that’s a long way from ugly. The Honduran American actress will always be known for her naturally thick, glossy, chestnut-colored hair, and how she rocks it so effortlessly.



Camila Cabello

With a last name like ‘Cabello,’ the Cuban-born pop star was probably destined to rock fabulous hair. And she certainly doesn’t disappoint. From soft, bending waves to cascading braids to a provocative, mullet-style 'do, her cabello can do it all. Still, we can’t help but love it when this señorita unabashedly flaunts her natural locks.



Yaya DaCosta

Afro-Brazilian beauty Camara DaCosta Johnson, better known as Yaya DaCosta, makes no bones about her strong connection to her natural hair. In fact, it’s safe to say that her spectacular coils are a standalone character in the Fox series “Our Kind of People”, where she proudly rocks her au naturel style. A former America’s Next Top Model contestant, DaCosta' first leading role in a network TV series has earned this curly haired beauty plenty of accolades.



Gina Torres

Born in New York City to Cuban parents, Gina Torres has graced the small screen in critically-acclaimed dramas such as "Law & Order," "Suits" and "Pearson." For millions of "Firefly," fans, she will always be remembered as Zoe Washburne, where her natural curls and braids were part of her signature look. For years, Gina has championed the cause for inclusion among the Afro-Latino population. And judging by the way she frequently and fabulously rocks her stupendous curls, the actress also succeeds in creating much-needed awareness about embracing your natural hair.



Camila Alves

Brazilian model/designer/entrepreneur (and wife of Matthew McConaughey) Camila Alves knows how to flaunt her voluptuous wavy locks like there’s no tomorrow. But she’ll admit that in the yesterday of her life, she struggled with taming and accepting her naturally bodacious mane. Alves told Livingly magazine in 2011 that relaxers, heat-straighteners and Brazilian blowouts were a constant part of her hair care routine. “Finally my hair was getting finer and it wasn't healthy, and I was like, 'Yeah, I've got to stop doing everything and let my hair grow.'" Best. Decision. Ever.



Cardi B

Cardi B (born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) is probably not the first person who comes to mind when you think of natural hair. The bold and boss rapper is no stranger to extravagant, gravity-defying hairdos, wigs for every possible occasion, extensions that go for days, and hair color choices that would make a rainbow blush. But beneath all the bravado, the New York City-born artist of Dominican-Trinidadian roots is well in tune with the challenges and preconceived notions of curly hair among Latino and black women. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Cardi B opened up about her struggle to style and embrace her hair texture, and defied long-held preconceptions of hair beauty among Latinas. “I want women of color with tighter curl patterns to know that you don’t have “BAD HAIR.” There’s no such thing as bad hair. And “good” hair don’t mean a certain texture. ALL HAIR IS GOOD.” Amen to that.


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