Meet the 4 New Beauty Brands at Walmart

Meet the 4 New Beauty Brands at Walmart

Every year, beauty blooms anew at Walmart. Launched in 2022, Walmart Start is a beauty brand accelerator program that gives emerging companies in hair, skin, cosmetics, nails, fragrance, and beauty the chance to showcase their products at the largest beauty retailer in the U.S. This year, Latinus Beauty is proud to be one of the four new beauty brands as part of the class of 2024. Get to know all the trailblazers that Walmart chose to help democratize beauty and support small businesses with big ideas! 


LatinUs Beauty

Lu is more than a new hair care brand. It’s a vision for healthier and more luxurious hair designed by Latinas, made in the USA, and backed by science. Lu is the product of more than four years of research and development to understand and meet the pain points and needs of the modern Latina, the most sophisticated consumer in beauty. She is an industry trendsetter, trailblazer, and the engine that will serve as the face of beauty for decades to come. Lu answers the call for this beauty boss with clean, cruelty-free hair care products made with natural ingredients and fueled by a game-changing vegan keratin formulation called Impossible Keratin™. A proprietary blend of vegan keratin, vegan collagen, and silk amino acids, Impossible Keratin delivers more strength and elasticity to hair than regular keratin. Lu’s participation in the Start program represents Walmart’s commitment to bringing diverse brands that represent the diversity of the American family and reflect into Walmart shelves. Shop Lu at Walmart here.


Sundae Body Care


Sundae makes body care fun with vegan, cruelty-free, and super fun shower foams that look like whipped cream, feel soft and luxurious, and leave you smelling fantastic. With options ranging from mint to passion fruit to strawberries & cream, you can start your day on a tropical note, a decadent aroma, or a refreshing scent, among other choices. Launched in 2021 in Australia, Sundae started with just four Whipped Shower Foams but has since expanded to more than 40 bath products including body whip moisturizers and a line of shower foams for kids. Shop Sundae Body at Walmart here.




Made for women with curls, Kazmaleje (a play on “cosmology”) was the brainchild of sisters who had a simple but transformative idea: to change the design of comb teeth for easier detangling and less hair breakage. What started in 2015 as a dream came to fruition in 2019 when the brand launched lifestyle-enhancing hair tools and accessories designed for the textured hair community. Made for hair that is curly, coily, and kinky, these sturdy and smooth Paddle Combs, Combs, and Picks have been a game- and industry-changer. The line also includes a pouch and hydrating mister bottle. Shop Kazmaleje at Walmart here.


Current State


Current State addresses the needs of the largest organ in our body: our skin! It does so by giving skin the products it needs to be in equilibrium … just like you would choose a well-balanced diet to take care of your health. Clean, nutritiously balanced, and clinically responsive, these well-formulated products include a variety of cleansers, balms, serums, and creams. The brand focuses on six skincare “food groups” that combine to offer nourishment, hydration, and protection for your skin: exfoliators, vitamins, non-fragrant plant oils, antioxidants and plant extracts, cell-communicating ingredients, and finally, skin-identical hydrators and strengtheners. Together, these products make your skin feel energized, smooth and toned. Shop Current State at Walmart here.

A commitment to innovation, focus on clean ingredients, and a mission to change the world of beauty for the better. These are the common elements of Walmart Start’s class of 2024. Support them and shop small even at the largest retailer in the world on your next trip to Walmart!