10 Ways to Save Money on Hair Care Without Sacrificing Quality

10 Ways to Save Money on Hair Care Without Sacrificing Quality

Maintaining healthy and stylish hair shouldn't have to break the bank. When you start your hair care routine with Lu beauty products, you'll get luxurious, salon-worthy hair without having to pay for top-dollar at the hair salon. With Lu by your side and a few strategic tips and tricks, you can save money on your hair without sacrificing the quality of your locks. From smart shopping to DIY solutions, let's explore the world of affordable hair care.


1. Evaluate Your Hair Care Routine

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Start by taking stock of your current hair care routine. Determine which products you genuinely need and which ones you can do without. If you're like most people, you'll find at least one product that is an indulgence rather than an essential part of your toolkit. By streamlining your routine, you can eliminate unnecessary expenses and focus on what matters: your hair and your budget.


2. Set a Budget

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Establishing a monthly budget specifically for your hair care is crucial. Determine the maximum amount you're willing to spend each month and stick to it. This will help you prioritize your purchases and prevent overspending. That doesn't mean you can't experiment or try new brands. Look for samples or smaller sizes of new hair products you want to test out for your hair type. For example, Lu offers starter kits of its Control shampoo, conditioner and leave-in styling cream for just $7.99, making it easy and affordable to try before you buy.


3. Research and Compare Prices

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Before buying any hair care products, take the time to research the market and compare prices. Visit different stores, both online and offline, to find the best deals and discounts. Look out for sales, promotions, and bundle offers to get the most value for your money. And if great deals aren't available, see if drugstore brands offer the same quality as your favorite products that might be stretching your budget. If you do choose a drugstore brand, make sure it doesn't carry any harsh chemicals or harmful substances like parabens, sulfates and colorants. Remember, we want you to save money without sacrificing quality!


4. Buy in Bulk

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Certain products are available in bulk quantities, which often come at a significant discount. Many online retailers offer special deals for buying in bulk, which can significantly reduce the cost per product. For example, you can purchase Lu's entire collection for only $99, a whopping 40% discount. That means three collections of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream for a total of nine bottles, or $10 per bottle. If you do buy in bulk, make sure to check the expiration dates to ensure you can use the product before it goes bad.


5. DIY Hair Treatments

A woman using a DIY hair mask.

Instead of splurging on expensive hair treatments at salons, consider making your own DIY treatments at home. Natural ingredients and natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and honey can be used to create nourishing hair masks, conditioners, and scalp treatments. You can also use club soda to remove build-up from shampoo and conditioner. These homemade alternatives save you money and can be just as effective as store-bought products from your favorite brands. For starters, check out our favorite DIY hair masks.


6. Use Less Product

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You won't typically find a hair care brand telling you to use less of its product. but that's part of what makes Lu different. We know that one of the easiest ways to save money on hair care is to use less product. People tend to overuse shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, leading to faster depletion and unnecessary expenses. Follow the recommended amounts and adjust as necessary, focusing only on the areas that need attention. Because Lu products are made with high-quality, high-functioning ingredients, you only need a quarter-size amount of shampoo and a dime-size amount of leave-in cream to see the best results. A little can, and should, go a long way!


7. Go Longer Between Washes

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One of the easiest money-saving tips you can adopt is washing your hair less frequently, which can help stretch the lifespan of your hair care products. You can even train your hair to go longer between washes by using dry shampoo or simply styling your hair in ways that disguise oiliness. Over time, you'll notice savings on both your water bill and hair care costs.


8. DIY Haircuts and Styling

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It's no secret that beauty treatments can set you back a pretty penny. Consider giving yourself a trim or basic haircut at home to save money on salon visits. Invest in a good pair of haircutting scissors and watch tutorials online to learn simple techniques. Similarly, explore DIY styling options, such as braids, updos, and heatless curls, to avoid salon costs.


9. Take Advantage of Rewards and Loyalty Programs

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Many hair care brands and salons offer rewards and loyalty programs. Sign up for these programs to earn points, discounts, or free products. Keep an eye out for special promotions and exclusive deals, which can help you save money in the long run.


10. Get Preventative

A woman with Lu's Rescue collection.

Just like healthcare for your body, preventative care can lead to big savings down the road when it comes to your hair. Do you switch hair color every few weeks? Make sure to add Lu's Rescue Collection to your routine to help your locks recover their natural strength and shine. Also avoid hot styling tools and choose safer, gentler ways of getting the look you want. You can also prevent hair damage by using a wide tooth comb when styling your mane.


Save on Costs, Not on Style

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Saving money on hair care is very doable with a few smart strategies and conscious choices. By reassessing your routine, budgeting wisely, and exploring cost-effective alternatives, you can maintain a gorgeous 'do without breaking the bank. Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to achieving healthy, luscious locks without needing a side hustle to pay for it.