The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Does your hair stylist’s face fall when you show her a picture of your ideal look? The problem could be that the person in the image has completely different facial features and head shape from yours. A good stylist will try to make it work, but a great stylist will advise you to choose the right haircut for your face. Not sure which look will best accentuate those sharp cheekbones, angular features, or your particular face length? We're here to break it down for you. From luscious lobs that suit a heart face shape to bangs for diamond-shaped girls that light up a room, these are the best hairstyles for every face shape.

Oval Face Shape


Fortunately for people with oval-shaped faces, there’s a variety of hairstyles that will suit this versatile face shape. After all, Queen B herself has an oval face and she’s rocked everything from a short and wavy bob to an amazing afro. 

Our Favorite Style: Side-Parted Lob

This mid-length cut that ends just above your shoulders can be styled to the side by making a deep part in your hair. Big hairstyles really suit oval faces, so unlocking those curls with Lu's Freedom Collection is vital.  

Look to Avoid: Blunt Cuts

Let's be blunt. Longer blunt cuts or blunt bobs that are all one length will make your face go from near perfection to appearing too long. 

Round Face Shape


There’s no denying that round faces are super cute. From Selena Gomez to Drew Barrymore, Hollywood is full of actors with round faces who light up the big screen. 

Our Favorite Style: Long and Wavy

When deciding on the right hairstyle for your face shape, it’s important to consider what will compliment your best features. People with round faces will want to try to make their face appear longer with a long and wavy cut. If you want to change it up, add a center-part into the mix. The long length of this cut will help balance and frame your face. Make your waves flow with Lu’s Freedom Collection, which is custom-formulated for all types of curly hair, from tight coils to loose waves.

Look to Avoid: Short Bob

Shorter cuts will accentuate the roundness of the face rather than complimenting it. Avoid the short bob and other blunt haircuts that don’t work for you. 

Square Face Shape


If you're square (in all the best ways), you want to rock that angular jawline all day long. But don’t try to fit your square face into a round haircut. Fortunately, there are many options for square face shapes, but the perfect hairstyle is a layered look.  

Our Favorite Style: Shaggy Pixie

This feisty, layered cut is short on the back and sides and a little longer on top with a little bit of texture to give it bounce. It’s a bold move going for short hair, but it will show off the defined bone structure that square faces are known for. Use Lu's Control Collection to lock the look in place.

Look to Avoid: Wide Bangs

Square faces can easily venture into the wide territory if the wrong hairstyle is selected. This is the case with wide bangs that may work for oval faces, but might prove difficult for square faces. 

Diamond Face Shape


Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which might explain why diamond-shaped faces are classically beautiful, as proven by stars like Tyra Banks and Viola Davis. 

Our Favorite Style: Long and Layered

Long hair with the right layers can work to offset the wider forehead of this face shape. Ask your stylist to add layers that will compliment the unique angles of your beautiful diamond-shaped face. Then, sweep it to the side for an elegant and timeless look. 

Look to Avoid: Chin-Length Bobs

People with diamond-shaped faces know that a strong jawline is a blessing and a curse. It’s a prominent facial feature, so you want to draw some of the attention away from it. Unfortunately, a chin-length bob will do the exact opposite. 

Heart Face Shape


Marilyn Monroe stole the hearts of many with her heart-shaped face, and she’s not the only one. The hard jawline of this face shape also features a wider point at the cheeks and a narrow chin. So you want a cut that balances your shape.

Our Favorite Style: Undone Marilyn Bob

Offering a more effortless version of the classic Hollywood Wave look, the undone bob is a great look for women with wavy hair to this day. Go for a chin-length bob with longer layers in the front and enough length to curl under with a retro clip. 

Look to Avoid: Short Bangs

There’s a reason Marilyn Monroe never opted for short bangs. Unfortunately, this look won’t shape your face like you want it to. However, you can definitely ask for longer bangs that compliment your heart-shaped face. 

Pear Shaped Face


Don’t let your next trip to the salon go pear-shaped. There are certain styles that pair with pear shapes, and others that should definitely be avoided.

Our Favorite Style: Long and Curly

Ditch the bangs for a middle part and lots of layers, and ask your stylist to keep a chin-length layer to frame your face. Curly girls can pull this look off best, as long as you treat your hair right. Because curly hair can be prone to dryness, use Lu's Rescue Collection, which is designed to recover dry, damaged hair. Rescue brings even the most lifeless locks bounce back from the brink, giving your long and curly style the healthy glow it deserves.     

Look to Avoid: The Bixie

The Bixie combines the cropped layers and tousled look of a pixie cut with the face frame of a bob. This hybrid haircut doesn’t work for pear-shaped faces because it gives the appearance of a bulky chin. 

Oblong Face Shape


In the same way people with round faces want to add length to their face, people with oblong faces need to add a bit of roundness with their choice of hairstyle.

Our Favorite Style: Curtain Bangs

The good news is that waves work wonders for oblong faces. With just the right amount of waves, curtain bangs are a great choice for this face shape. Curtain bangs can cover your forehead and draw attention to your gorgeous face instead. 

Look to Avoid: Long and Straight

Layers are your friend. If you go for a cut with straight bangs and minimal layers, your face will look even longer. Stick to a cut like curtain bangs and you’ll never be asked “why the long face?” again. 

What's your face shape, and what hairstyle looks best on you? Let us know in the comments!