How to Get Lucero’s Best Looks

How to Get Lucero’s Best Looks

Lucero is one of Mexico’s best loved pop stars and has sold more than 30 million records worldwide, but her beautiful voice isn’t the only thing people admire about the singer. The Latina superstar has hosted the Latin Grammy Awards eight times and starred on both the big and small screen. Throughout her career, La Novia de América has been known for a variety of stunning looks, which have given her the title of style icon, too. So all of us at Lu were thrilled to learn that Lucero was a fan of Lu’s hair care products! From gorgeous curls to chic bobs, we’ll help you rock some of the best Lucero hairstyles from over the years that you have “El Privilegio De Amar” (the privilege of loving) for yourself. After all, you can’t spell “Lucero” without “Lu!”

Classically Curly



Lucero has always found a way to go with the flow, adapting her style and setting trends along the way. We love her natural curls, but as all curly girls know, looking this good and avoiding the dreaded frizz requires a dedicated hair care routine. Lu’s Freedom Collection will start your journey toward Lucero-approved locks with its powerful blend of Moringa Seed Oil and Impossible Keratin™, which improves moisture retention, reduces frizz caused by humidity, and strengthens every hair strand for visibly healthy, bouncy, and beautiful curls.

A Short Bob for a Good Cause



Remember when Lucero lopped off her luscious locks for Teletón México? There’s no denying her short look really sings. As a bonus for lazy girls, it also requires a lot less work than other hairstyles. This style is full of volume and shines under the spotlight. If you have short hair and want it to shine, use Lu’s Control Collection. The rich blend of Murumuru Seed Butter and Impossible Keratin allows your hair to be styled perfectly for those occasions when you need to own every aspect of your look.

A New ‘Do for a New Decade



Lucero had a Christmas gift for her fans in Brazil (and for the rest of us, too!) in December 2019, when she shared this pic of a daring new asymmetrical midi cut that flaunted her curls. Just a few inches shorter from her typical length, the new ‘do gave her a youthful and vibrant look that we instantly craved. Nailing this style requires a precise cut and a daily dose of Lu’s Lock the Look Styling Cream, which will keep the frizz at bay.

Beach-Ready Babe



Life’s a beach when you’re one of Mexico’s biggest superstars. This throwback shows our favorite ranchera singer embracing the sun, sea, and her natural hair. As she probably knows all too well, saltwater dries out hair and can remove moisture. Plus, exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays for long periods of time has been shown to damage your hair’s cuticles, which can cause hair to look dull, sad, or dry. Our proprietary Impossible Keratin is a vegan keratin formula that offers UV protection and should be the first port of call for anybody planning on sunning it this summer.

Winning Waves



When you’re waving to the crowd after winning yet another award, you want to make sure your hair is waving too. Lucero’s silky smooth and wavy locks are the classiest look for any occasion, and you can achieve this sleek style without a personal stylist in the dressing room. Switch out your salon treatments for Lu’s Rescue Shampoo and watch it glimmer and shine in no time. This rejuvenating product contains Shatavari-Infused Glycerin, a sacred medicinal plant rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins to strengthen and revive hair visibly and naturally.

A Historic Look



Lucero totally owned her role as Hipólita in the telenovela “Alborada,” one of her most acclaimed performances. And those cascading curls! It was the perfect style for a period drama, with shades of Aphrodite that matched her brave, sultry, and resilient character. Keep those curls in place with our Control collection, and own your look, no matter what era you want to represent!

What’s your favorite Lucero look?