The Bubble Bob Hairstyle - How to Wear the Trend

The Bubble Bob Hairstyle - How to Wear the Trend

Antoni Cierplikowski, widely considered to be the first celebrity hairstylist, popularized the bob haircut in the early 20th century. Inspired by Joan of Arc, this eye-catching short style quickly became a favorite among A-listers looking to stand out in Paris and beyond, and it’s no different today. Bobs are incredibly versatile because they work with virtually any hair type, whether you have short hair or long hair, straight or curly hair, thick hair or thin hair. There are also bob styles for every face shape, making this a 'do that anyone can do.

Every season, a new type of bob becomes a trending hairstyle. The bubble bob is the must-have look for 2023, but what makes it so popular, and how do you get it? Read on! 

What Is a Bubble Bob?


From Zendaya and Hailey Bieber to Lori Harvey, the bubble bob has been lighting up the high street and the catwalk. This new twist on the classic bob haircut is characterized by its bounciness and bubble-like appearance. Most bubble bobs are a nod to the '90s, like many of this year’s fashion trends. In fact, celebrities like Natalie Portman, Christy Turlington, and Winona Ryder opted for this cut long ago, and it's easy to see why. It's a flattering, chunky cut that frames the face and really draws attention to your greatest asset: your smile. 

How to Get the Bubble Bob?


If you want to try this look, the first thing you'll want to do is find your favorite version online before you head to the stylist, and take a picture along with you. There are different ways to wear this look: do you go for a classic like Portman in "Closer," a modern take like Megan Fox’s red velvet shoulder-length bob, or an ever-so-classy, side-parted bubble bob like Kerry Washington's? 

Once you decide which route to take, your stylist will start by cutting in the line of the hair, and then utilize a haircutting technique known as graduation. This is when weight is built up within the shape or the external line, creating a gradual progression of lengths. You’ll need to make sure your stylist doesn’t go too short. One of the bubble bob’s defining features is that it falls between the shoulder and the chin, and curves inwards to create a silhouette around the face. 

Another great thing about this look is that you can transform other bob haircuts into it with some careful styling. If you want to go for added volume, first wash your hair with Lu's Freedom Shampoo, which has all the benefits of moringa seed oil, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Next, scrunch one or two quarter-size gobs of Lu’s Freedom Conditioner, and work it into the ends of your hair down the lengths. Don’t forget to use cold water to wash out the conditioner to avoid product buildup. Finally, dry your hair with a microfiber towel and apply the Free To Be Styling Cream to give your curls, waves or straight hair the bubbly bounce you desire. 

If volume takes second place to a razor-straight fringe, and a bob that stays in place all day long, choose Lu's Control Collection instead. Control works well for straighter locks and clean lines with no split ends or breakage. 


Who Can Rock a Bubble Bob?


Whether you have an oval face, heart-shaped face or anything in between, the bubble bob is a short haircut that will accentuate your face and draw attention to your beauty by creating a beautiful silhouette around your features. Are you going to try this look, or are you on the bubble?