About Lu™

Who is Lu?

In the novela series, Lu: The Power Of Us,  Lu is a young Latina woman who graduated from UCLA, and she is driven by her family values and traditions. She develops a haircare line specially designed to empower women through their hair, making every hair mood and hairstyle possible. 

As a company, we are inspired by Latino natural remedies passed down through generations and fueled by science. We conceived the next frontier of what your hair products should do for you. 

How are Lu products different from other beauty brands?

Three years of research resulted in Impossible Keratin™, our proprietary complex which repairs hair microscopically from the inside out. Potent natural ingredients expertly selected complement each formula, improving hair’s surface after every use.

The core of it: we took what worked so well for our abuelas and elevated it with science to deliver consistent results. And did we mention they smell great?!

Let Lu work for you the way you need it to:

Choose FREEDOM on days in which a lengthy hairstyling routine is not in your plans, but beautiful hair is. 

Opt for CONTROL when you want to feel in absolute control and ready to take on whatever comes your way. 

Give yourself time to reflect and reset while deeply nourishing your hair by going for RESCUE

When is the next product launching?

We are so happy you’re already thinking about this, so are we! Each of our products takes extensive research to make, that way we don’t launch just another hair mask, but a game-changer. Stay tuned to our social media, loads of exciting news coming up.


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