10 Timeless Hairstyles Every Latina Mom Has Given Their Daughters

10 Timeless Hairstyles Every Latina Mom Has Given Their Daughters


Latina women boast a rich fashion heritage and a long history of lush and lovely hairstyles that have been passed down from mamá to hija for generations. This Mother's Day, we honor our moms who gave us everything from braids to buns and were often our first fashion icons. Mamá, thank you for these 10 classic Latina hairstyles that are simple, easy, and effortlessly beautiful.

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1. Braided Pigtails

A young Latina mom who we interviewed for this article was quick to call out the dos colitas ("two tails") look as her go-to for her daughters. Braided pigtails are a classic hairstyle long worn by young Latina girls. This style involves parting the hair down the middle and braiding each side into pigtails. Simple, classic, and more elegant than a single messy ponytail, it's a look many of us have grown up with. And who didn't love accessorizing their braids with bows or beads? For a twist on this classic look, wear your pigtails low. If you have naturally curly hair, your curls will look even more voluminous and gorgeous with this style.

2. Half-up Bun

The half-up bun is an always on-trend and versatile hairstyle that can be worn by girls of all ages. This 'do involves gathering the top half of the hair and twisting it into a bun while leaving the bottom half of the hair loose. This style works well for girls with medium to long hair and can be worn with or without bangs. Pro tip from mamá: don't just grab your hair and twist it into a bun. First, separate the top half into a tight ponytail and secure it. If you want to add a little extra volume, gently tug your ponytail to add some height up top before completing the look.It's one of the easiest hairstyles to pull off.

3. Braided Crown

The braided crown is a popular Mexican hairstyle that involves a braided halo around the head, and is often adorned with flowers or other decorative elements. It can be worn with long hair or short hair, and can work either for a young woman attending a formal occasion or a casual day out. And if you think this look is too traditional, allow us to point you in the direction of Salma Hayek, who is known for sporting stunning braided crowns on the red carpet.

4. Low Bun

The low bun is a sophisticated and polished look that works with thin or thick hair. This simple style involves gathering the hair at the nape of the neck and twisting it into a knot. The low bun can be worn with or without bangs and can be accessorized with hair clips or flowers ... c'mon, you know you've done the flowers look.

5. Loose Waves

We often associate tighter curl patterns with our naturally curly hair, but many of us also love loose curls. Girls with naturally straight hair probably know how many times mom has busted out the curling iron to give us this elegant and classy look. A loose curl pattern is a great way to accentuate your hair texture and can be worn to formal or informal events. Yalitza Aparicio is known for her natural beauty and often wears her hair in loose waves, paired with minimal makeup to accentuate her beautiful facial features.

6. High ponytail

The high ponytail is one of the simplest hairstyles (read: perfect for school days) for girls with long hair. It's also one of the first styles many girls rely on growing up, since all we have to do is gather our mane at the crown of the head and secure it with a hair tie. The high ponytail can be worn sleek and polished or messy and tousled. A variation on this look is a top knot, which works for girls with medium to long hair. To get this look, gather your hair at the crown of the head and twist into a knot. The top knot can be worn sleek and polished or messy and tousled, depending on your mood for the day.

7. Twist out

Mamá loves this style for girls with natural curls or wavy hair. You just need to twist small sections of hair over and under onto the scalp while adding on more hair as you twist in a downward motion, and let them air dry or use a hair dryer to set the curls. The twist out can be worn with or without bangs and can be accessorized with hair clips or other decorations.

8. Bouncy Curls

Curls are the natural hair texture for so many Latinas, but they're also one of the most polarizing styles around. After all, curly hair is known as pelo malo for a reason! But letting your classic hairstyle that can be worn by girls with all hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. This style involves creating loose, bouncy curls that frame the face and add volume and dimension to the hair.

9. Side Part

Nothing like a simple side part to let your long dark hair cascade over one side of your face, right? An always popular haircut and style for girls with long hair, this look can be worn with or without bangs and can be accessorized with hair clips. This is one of those styles that can be worn in different ways and with different hair lengths.

10. Half-up Double Buns


This look is 100% fun and casual, and is one of those easy-to-execute styles that mamá always loves on busy days. This half-up hairstyle oozes effortless chic and lets you flaunt your curly hair. The twin buns have a playful vibe that feels eternally youthful.

These hairstyles have a few things in common. They're pretty easy to pull off and maintain, versatile, and don't require a lot of hair products. That's how our moms liked it, and it's the same philosophy behind Lu. Our mission is to deliver the best products for the next generation of Latinas, with shampoos, conditioners and styling creams made with natural ingredients that are good for our hair and kind to our planet. Mamá wouldn't have it any other way!