7 Winning Job Interview Hairstyles to Help You Land Your Next Gig

7 Winning Job Interview Hairstyles to Help You Land Your Next Gig

Even the most qualified person for the job may not secure the position if they don’t look the part. Despite employment laws that prevent discrimination based on looks, a survey of 1,000 Americans found that nearly 70% believe that looks are a deciding factor in the hiring process, and that includes choosing the right hairstyle. Let's face it; when it comes to preparing for an interview, candidates need to prepare their hair as well as their answers. Check out these winning job interview hairstyles that will have you looking boss while also allowing your winning personality and skills to do the rest.

1. Curly Hair FTW

Curly Hair FTW

An insightful study conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business found a bias against Black women with natural hairstyles in job recruitment compared with Black women with straightened hair and White women with curly or straight hair. However, this shouldn’t stop you rocking your natural curls for an interview. Instead, make sure you take the time on your curls to wow the person in the opposite chair. The Freedom Collection from Lu was made for all types of curls, waves, and coils. Delivering hydration and definition to your mane, Lu will have you looking as vivacious as your bouncy, shiny, voluminous curls. Going for a job interview? Go for it with a natural look!

2. Keep it Professional with a Low Ponytail

Keep it Professional with a Low Ponytail

There’s something to be said about the ponytail. It’s a simple, effective, and timeless look that has been helping job seekers gain employment since Ancient Greece (seriously, paintings from the time show women rocking the look). Ponytails are also a great hack on hot days to beat humidity and keep curls looking great. A sleek low ponytail oozes corner office, and is generally considered more professional than a high ponytail. Whichever option you choose, we recommend using a hair bungee instead of a traditional hairband. These wrap around your hair instead of dragging through it, which can make curls turn frizzy. And if you need to reduce frizz, get in control of your hair with Lu's Control Collection. Its powerful frizz-fighting formula will make sure not one strand is out of place on interview day.

3. Believe in the French Braid

Adopting a braid can help make you stand out from a crowd of candidates, especially if you go for one like the French braid updo. First, prepare your hair the right way by using Lu’s Control Collection, which contains Murumuru Seed Butter, an all-natural frizz fighter that helps style hair for any occasion. To pull off this perfect hairstyle for your next gig, use hair clips to section your hair into three, then make a bun with the middle section. Take one of the front sections and start braiding it tightly in small sections of three, finishing each section with a regular braid. Wrap this around the bun and repeat on the opposite side. Not only does the French braid updo look amazing, it will show your future manager that you don’t mind dedicating time to something that gets results.

4. 'Do the French Twist

Let’s stay in France for the next professional look that is sure to land your dream job. The French twist rose to popularity in the 1950s and is a classy look that has been replicated around the world ever since. Start with a sweep to one side, selecting your favorite side depending on which way you want the twist to fall, and pin it into place. Next, hold your hair lightly and twist it in the opposite direction to the sweep, which will create a tunnel for the remaining hair to be tucked into. Add a few more pins and voila, you’re ready to go. Remember, it’s important not to run your fingers through your hair during the interview process. Not only can it make you appear nervous, but the oil on your hands can remove sebum (natural hair oil) from your strands and leave your mane looking frizzy and dull.

5. Don’t Run From the Bun

Don’t Run From the Bun

Isn’t it great when there are tools to help you get the look you want? This is the case with the bun, one of the easiest and best interview hairstyles around. The satin-lined hair donut is the perfect tool to achieve a bun with ease. First, make a ponytail and secure it in place with your hair bungee. Next, slip your donut onto the ponytail, cover the bun, and tuck it in. If you need to, secure with hair ties or bobby pins but make sure they are concealed from view. Opt for a low bun on the side for a stylish, sleek look that is full of personality and professionalism. A high bun is a classic, formal style that gets your hair out of the way

6. Chase a Chignon

The third and final French-inspired hairstyle on our list is the Chignon, which comes from the French term “chignon du cou,” or nape of the neck. From curly hair to straight and sleek, this stylish 'do works with all hair types. Start with two sections at the front of your hair and one at the back that can be pulled into a simple ponytail and secured with a hair bungee. Roll your ponytail in a counterclockwise circle like you're making a donut around the base, and keep it loose for a more relaxed look that says business casual and ready to get to work. If you usually wear pretty pins or floral accessories in your hair, avoid them during an interview. They can look great on a night out, but the aim is to look eye-catching without losing your professional edge.

7. Keep Your Loose Curls Long and Wavy

Keep Your Loose Curls Long and Wavy

If you have wavy, long hair, there’s no need to panic and get a pixie cut to please your interviewer. In fact, properly cared for wavy hair can be a great look for the big day and can help you stand out from other candidates. Smooth and loose waves are classy and unforgettable, and you can achieve this sleek style by using Lu's Lock the Look Styling Cream, which will keep the frizz at bay and leave waves that slay.

There are different styles for every setting, occasion, and first impression. These easy looks will keep you and your prospective employer focused on what really matters, like the interview questions and your starting salary. Good luck!