The Best Halloween Hairstyles for 2023

The Best Halloween Hairstyles for 2023

Got your Halloween outfit picked out? Great! Now you need the perfect Halloween hairstyle to complete your look. The spooky season is the perfect opportunity to get creative and try out a style you would never wear on a random Tuesday. Whether you're fierce and timeless Frida or a blue goddess from another planet, these wicked haircuts are sure to turn heads like Linda Blair in 2023. 

Barbie's Half-Up, Half-Down Do


Halloween isn’t just reserved for ghosts, ghouls, and goths. It’s also a chance to try out a look from the biggest, blondest blockbuster of the year. One of Barbie’s most iconic hairstyles is the half-up, half-down bow. Get the look by sectioning off the top layer of your hair to go up, and use the back-comb technique to add volume to the hair beneath it to give it a nice height. Then, secure the top part in place with pins, leaving your bangs to frame your face. Finally, use a classically pink bow to cover up the pins and step outside into a world of sunshine and rainbows, instead of bats and witches' hats. Use Lu's Freedom Collection to give those flowing, wavy locks added volume and shine. 


Wednesday Addams' Pigtails


Wednesday Addams has been a popular pick on Halloween for anyone who wants a taste of goth life without fully committing to the dark side. Most recently brought to life by Jenna Ortega in Tim Burton’s smash hit Netflix series, the gothic character’s jet-black hair is fashioned in striking pigtails with choppy bangs at the front. To get the look, first ask your stylist for bangs parted in the middle. Then, you’ll need to divide your hair down the middle and braid two pigtails that fall over either shoulder. Combine this hairstyle with a little black dress with a white collar, and your Wednesday Addams look will be complete. After the party's over, give those tightly bound pigtails some much-needed nourishment and hydration with Lu's Rescue Collection, which works wonders to restore and replenish the hair's natural strength. 


Avatar Braids 


With the release of Avatar 2 at the end of last year, James Cameron’s popular fantasy adventure got everybody talking about The Na'vi people of Pandora all over again. Neytiri is the leading lady of the series and rocks some seriously strong braids. If you’re a pro with makeup and have a bucket full of blue body and face paint, you can embrace your own Avatar look as Neytiri this Halloween. Inspired by an Ethiopian hairstyle, Neytiri’s braids go to the side of her head, rather than to the back like most braids. To get the look, make three-strand plaits, taking care to evenly section your hair into boxes. When you’re finished, let your hair fall to the sides instead of dragging it back.    

For box braids and other protective hairstyles, make sure to add the Rescue Collection to your haircare routine to ensure your hair gets the TLC it needs in those hard-to-reach spots.


M3GAN's Deadly Loose Waves


There’s not much scarier than artificial intelligence these days, especially AI dolls that become self-aware and go on killing sprees. M3GAN was the sleeper horror hit of early 2023 and is the ideal Halloween costume for true horror fans. For the costume, you’ll need a long-sleeved stripy shirt, a white dress, white tights and a big colorful bow. But, the look won’t be complete unless you get the hair right by parting it down the middle and letting it flow over your shoulders. And unless you want to look like M3gan toward the end of the movie, use Lu's Control Collection to keep your mane looking doll-sleek and killer no matter how long your Halloween party lasts. 


Frida Kahlo's Braided Updo 


Frida Kahlo is almost as famous for her unique sense of style as she is for her surreal self-portraits. Dress to impress in a bright skirt and colorful embroidered blouse, then pair your classic costume with a Frida Kahlo hairstyle. First, part your hair down the middle and make pigtails. Then, braid your pigtails and put them, one by one, up and over the top of your head. Pin the ends down flat with bobby pins. Finish the look with a nice flower clip or natural flowers that match your clothes, and you can embody the incredible artist at your next Halloween party. Check out our step-by-step tutorial to see how it's done!


The Mia Wallace Bob 


Bobs are all the rage (again) in 2023, but Uma Thurman made the jet-black short bob with the blunt fringe a thing in 1994, when Pulp Fiction was released. It's a look that is still as stylish, distinctive and cool today as it was back then. Plus, it makes for one of the cheapest Halloween costumes ever! Black pants? check. White shirt? Check. Lu's Control Collection to keep that fringe razor-sharp no matter what you get up to? Check.  



Scary Spice's Space Buns


The '90s are back with a bang and nothing is more symbolic of this era than Scary Spice’s Space Buns. This hairstyle might be out of this world, but it won’t take a group of NASA scientists to nail down the look. To achieve Mel B’s blast from the past, just part your hair down the middle, gather it into two ponytails on either side of your head, and tie each one (not too tight) into place. Now, twist your loose hair into two rope-like pieces, wrap each around the base of the ponytail, and pin it in place with hair ties. It's an easy Halloween hairstyle to pair with your alien outfit, and because it goes so well with curly hair, we recommend using the Freedom Collection to perfect the look.  


Wicked Witch Waves

 A young woman dressed up as a witch for Halloween.

Curly girls with long hair can go for a simple but effective classic this Halloween by embracing their witchy side. One of the most recognizable looks for witches this side of Hogwarts is long, wet and wavy. This hairstyle will have you ready to get up to no good around the cauldron with your besties. If you want to get this look without your hair appearing crunchy, scrunch a small amount of Lu's “Lock the Look” Styling Cream into wet hair with your hands and define the waves with your fingers to coat your hair in a light layer of moisture. This dual-action styling cream will hydrate and enhance texture, preventing frizz and giving you the witchy waves you want.