Our Favorite Hair Trends for 2024

Our Favorite Hair Trends for 2024

It's time to close the book on 2023 and welcome the new year with a new hairstyle to match all those resolutions you've been working on. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the hair game and find that perfect cut to kick off 2024. From edgy short hairstyles that are already turning heads to brand-new 'dos that take inspiration from past fashion trends, check out the styles and cuts that will have you looking forward to a new you in the new year. 

Big Curls


Big curls are making big waves once again in 2024. That’s right, embracing your curly hair and turning up the volume to maximum is one of those hairstyle trends that’s just going to keep growing in the new year. If you have big curls already and want to show them off, ask your stylist for a shoulder cut that will frame your face and accentuate your curls in all their glory.

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Baby Bangs


Bangs have been a big hit in the hair scene since the 70s, and every year it seems they take on a new form that hits the mainstream. It wasn't too long ago that curtain bangs made a roaring comeback, but we’re predicting baby bangs, or a “mini fringe,” to be the big bang trend of 2024. This short form version of the classic bang involves a straight cut across the forehead a little higher up than people might be used to seeing in 2023. The result is a deliciously distinctive look that will transform your year.   

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The Baroque Bob


Inspired by the Baroque movement that spread across Europe following the Renaissance period in the 1600s, The Baroque Bob is just as ornate and elaborate. Defined by a chin-length bob cut with tousled waves, this versatile look can be altered to suit different face shapes. The always fashion-forward Zendaya led the way for this style earlier this year, and we expect it to be everywhere in 2024. It's also a practical choice for women who don’t make too many trips to the stylist because it's one of those short haircuts that can grow out into a long bob or classic curly shoulder hairstyle.  

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Middle Part


From Frida Kahlo to Selena Gomez, the middle part has been in and out of fashion since we first picked up a comb. and it’s going to be popping up again in 2024. The middle part is a flattering cut that can be styled in a multitude of ways depending on the day. Why not go for the half-up/half-down? Or, leave your hair to flow over your shoulders and let those long layers present a strikingly symmetrical look instead. This look also works with various hair textures and types. If you have fine hair or thinning hair, a middle part can help conceal its effects.

If you commit to this style, experts recommend changing your part occasionally to offset the loss of hair density from that area and prevent the exposed scalp from swelling. You'll also want to use Lu's Rescue Collection to protect, nourish, and restore your mane. 


The Messy Updo


The messy updo is a laidback look that’s going to hit the mainstream again in 2024. This timeless and iconic haircut gives off a laissez-faire attitude that says you’re not trying to be anything you’re not. Put your hair in a ponytail, backcomb it, divide it, wrap it, and hold it in place and you’ll sashay into the new year on your own terms.

This look is all about celebrating your hair's natural beauty, so keep those locks looking free and easy with Lu’s Freedom Collection.  


The Bouffant


The French will be having a moment in 2024. The bouffant is yet another French-inspired look that first came to prominence in the 1950s, when celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn wore this elegant style. It’s coming back into fashion thanks to the A24 movie "Priscilla," with the title role played by Cailee Spaeny. It's a big, retro and bold choice to commit to if you want a vintage look, and you can also play with the style by backcombing the crown of your head and creating a French-twist with your ponytail. 

This is a voluminous style that still requires precision. Rely on Lu's Control Collection to keep your bouffant looking neat and tidy all day long.


Butterfly Layers


The butterfly is the perfect metaphor for starting fresh. It was one of the trending layered cuts of 2023, and we see it soaring into 2024. Anybody who wants to appear like they have shorter hair without a big chop can ask their stylist for butterfly layers instead. This wavy, coquettish style is achieved by shorter layers being cut around the crown of your head to appear like shorter strands, which can be pinned away and under to look like short hair and to frame the face. As an added bonus, it’s a low maintenance look for curly girls. 

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The Pageboy Pixie


Edgy and always on trend, the pixie cut is a sexy style with serious staying power. Designed to show off the beauty of a person’s face, this feisty cut is usually short on the back and sides and a little longer on top, but the pageboy pixie adds another dynamic. Influenced by the “pudding-basin” haircut of medieval times (trust us, it’s better than it sounds), this modern look pairs longer hair on top with a blunt fringe and shorter sides and back. It's the go-to look for indie band members and fashionistas alike!

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The Modern Shag


Jenna Ortega made the short shag one of 2023's most desirable styles when she debuted her wolf cut, and we see the shag haircut staying strong in '24. This versatile hairstyle, characterized by layers and texture, adds a playful and carefree vibe to your look. The modern shag is all about embracing natural movement, making it suitable for various hair lengths and textures. Celebrities and fashion icons alike are adopting this chic and low-maintenance style, making it a trendy choice for those seeking a fresh and youthful appearance to kick off the new year.

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