To Mamá: Our First Fashion Icon

To Mamá: Our First Fashion Icon

For many Latinas (including most of us at Lu), mamá was our introduction to fashion. Whether she was dropping us off at school, making dinner, or preparing for a fiesta, she never seemed to have a bad hair day, always looked put together, and could glam it up whenever the occasion called for it. She also showed us how to feel confident, beautiful, and loved. On this Mother’s Day, we take a look at the iconic mom hairstyles that made us realize mamá was the only beauty influencer we needed growing up!

1. Layered and Feathered

Layered and Feathered

Was your mom all about big hair? Farah Fawcett showed us how to do it, but mamá was no slouch when it came to long, feathered styles. Perfect for women with thick, long hair, it was also a super youthful look, especially with front bangs and tresses that curled around to help frame the face shape beautifully. The shaggy 'do was at once stylish and casual, and keeps coming back to the fashion scene for a reason.

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2. The Wedge

The sister of the pixie cut, this layered style works with a shorter hair length and can suit all hair types. Typically cut short at the nape of the neck and featuring longer layers at the front, it was a choice look for women with thinner hair, as it added plenty of volume. This cut required frequent visits to the hair stylist to keep the lines sharp and maintain the modern look.

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3. Perms and Crimps

Who didn't have a perm in the '70s and '80s? Even Miss Piggy rocked this classic look back in the day. Of course, mamá often had a secret weapon when it came to perms and crimps: pelo rizado! Her naturally curly hair made this one of the easiest hairstyles to wear back in the day. Of course, not every Latina had those longer locks or tight curls, but it was nothing a curling iron or curling wand couldn't fix. Fashion history often repeats itself, so we're not surprised to see curly hair making a comeback. Just remember, mamá wore it first.

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4. Asymmetrical Hair

Did your mom experiment with modern cuts and styles, or did she keep it simple? Asymmetrical styles work with almost any hair type and immediately draw the eye. By simply going with off-center ponytails or deep side parts, mom could add a little bit of edge and daring to her look on those days where she felt like trying something different.

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5. Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs

You can say this look belongs to Carrie Bradshaw, but we can't say curly bangs without thinking of Gloria Estefan. It was one of the best hairstyles of the '80's because it was statement hair that was pretty easy to style and maintain, unlike perms. This is another one of our favorite hairstyles that has stood the test of time and is now back in vogue.

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6. Afro

Whether it was a political statement, a celebration of natural hair, or just her favorite way to wear her hair, many mamás have rocked a beautiful afro in their time. Afros are all about working with what you've got and letting your hair do the talking. And we know mom looked like a boss when she wore it!

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7. High Ponytail

Low ponytails were a quick and easy solution for busy moms, but when she wanted to mix it up a bit, she went high with a full updo. Of course, there was also its scruffier younger cousin, the half-up half-down "whale spout," which more often than not was tied up with a scrunchie. But for this article, we're sticking with the classic high ponytail, one of those quick hairstyles that had mamá ready to go whether it was a big day to celebrate or just another school day.

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8. The Princess Diana

The Princess DianaThe Princess of Wales was an icon to women around the world for her humility, humanity, and, of course, her style. Her classic cropped, fluffed-up 'do became a signature look (even though it almost never happened) that every hair stylist had to master. Only hinting at the androgynous trend that the '80s were known for, this short hairstyle still managed to look conservative and reserved. Was mamá one of the early adopters in your neighborhood?

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Which look was your mamá's favorite style back in the day? Let us know in the comments!