Wednesday Vibes: Our Favorite Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Wednesday Vibes: Our Favorite Jenna Ortega Hairstyles


Jenna Marie Ortega has been having a moment, and we are loving it. In 2022, the actor and darling of horror movie fans starred on the big screen in the latest "Scream" offering as well as the critically acclaimed horror flick, "X," but she catapulted into our lives and hearts with her iconic role as the title character in "Wednesday." The record-setting Netflix series is a spinoff of Tim Burton's Addams Family and is told from the perspective of its most viciously delightful character. And having a Latina play the role was an inspired choice. Describing herself as 75% Mexican and 25% Puerto Rican, Ortega has become the latest jefa of the silver screen, and she's also making waves as a fashion icon thanks to her bold hairstyles and colors. Here are her best looks so far, and how to get them.

The Wolf Cut



Jenna Ortega can’t claim to have invented the Wolf Cut, but she has definitely been integral to its popularization. Inspired by the '70s shag cut and the '80s mullet, this eye-catching hairstyle first took off in South Korea in the mid-2000s, where it was quickly adopted by K-Pop stars and actors. Our favorite Wednesday wowed revelers at the Golden Globes when she sported this diluted version of a mullet, which showed off Ortega's high cheekbones.

For her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jenna's hairstylist Dave Stanwell showed off a new haircut that was essentially a fresh take on the wolf cut, saying, “Today we did a thang ✂️.” The choppy layers with shorter mullet-style pieces in the front and thick bangs gave the look an additional feral vibe that proved a hit with Jenna Ortega's fans.

The Wolf Cut blends more smoothly than a traditional mullet, and is a great look for people with short hair as well as thin hair, as it adds tons of texture. Be sure to take pictures of your desired Wolf Cut with you to the salon and ask your hairstylist for a textured cut that’s shorter at the front, has a fringe, and is left longer at the back. If you want to get Jenna's style, you’ll need to color it a beautiful shade of auburn, too.

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The Wednesday Pigtails



Pigtails are no longer restricted to the playground, not since Jenna Ortega made them look savage. After all, who would the Wednesday star be without her striking pigtails with choppy bangs at the front? We think lots of women will adopt pigtails on days when they don't feel like spending time styling their mane. It's the ideal no-frills style for longer hair that reflects Wednesday's personality and screams "I could care less about how you think I look, but I know I look good." The Addams Family’s dark side bleeds through in the color, giving this usually innocent hairstyle a decidedly wicked twist. It gives this style the complexity of character we've come to expect from Wednesday Addams.

If you want to channel your inner Addams, ask your stylist for bangs parted in the middle. Then, you’ll need to divide your hair down the middle and braid two pigtails that fall over either shoulder. Combine this hairstyle with a little black dress, and your Wednesday look will be complete.

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Long, Lush, and Wavy Locks



Whether you have thick curls or wavy hair like Jenna Ortega, treating it the right way is a necessity if you want it to be as stunning as the actor’s hair looks on the red carpet. Simply allow the curls to fall down your back and keep your bangs curly by applying the Free To Be Styling Cream, which defines curls and waves, prevents frizz, and helps create a defragmented look, all while nourishing your hair.

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Silky and Wavy



Back when she stole the show on Netflix’s "You" with her role as Ellie Alves, Jenna was already showing off her incredible waves in a more natural style. If you take away her recognizable Wednesday bangs, you’re left with a more traditional long wavy haircut more fitting on the beach in Ortega’s native California. Let your hair grow nice and long and take good care of it if you want to match the silky smooth look that Ortega used to be known for.

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Which of Jenna Ortega's hairstyles is on your must-have list for the new year? Let us know in the comments!