What Your Hair Says About You

What Your Hair Says About You

A woman with a purple mohawk, neck tattoo, and a puppy tucked under one arm walks into the office one day. What's the one thing about her appearance that stays with you? Yep, it's the hair. Your hairstyle can fill you with confidence, make you feel brand new, and transform your appearance. But opting for a new hairdo may not always have the positive effect we desire.

The truth is that hair, attitude, and identity often go hand in hand, just as we make judgements based on looks and facial features (even if we say we don't). Some styles are considered an indicator of a fun personality or overall health. Others, rightly or wrongly, have negative connotations that could affect everything from employability to making new friends. And that's before we get into hair colors! If hair speaks volumes, texture tells a tale, and length communicates a story, what does your hair say about you? Read on to find out.

Curly = Complex

Curly hair

If you let your curls sing, they’ll tell everybody that you’re carefree and expressive. Curly hair is also a sign of a fun-loving person who’s full of empathy and unapologetically themselves. Unfortunately, some people refuse to take the natural, curly look seriously, especially when it’s out of control. Impossible Keratin™ by Lu improves moisture retention, which reduces frizz, so people know that you mean business and are just as serious as you would be with any other style. And because all of our products feature this proprietary vegan keratin formulation, you can rock your curls no matter which Lu product you use.

Wave to the Wavy Hair at the Back!

Wavy hair

Your hair is making waves - literally! - but what does that say about you? Wavy hair lets the world know that you’re strong, emotional, and have high energy. It shows you care about being in control and want to put the time into looking your best, and you're happy to let your personality shine through your hair. Keep those waves flowing and let your hair do its thing with Lu’s Freedom Collection. Freedom tightens your curls and wave structure, giving you bouncy, shiny, voluminous curls that are professional and fun at the same time.

Straight Says “Serious!”

Straight hair

People with straight hair can be perceived as perfectionists. It takes a lot of dedication to keep every strand perfectly in place from first thing in the morning to the late hours of the night. The polar opposite to curly hair having casual connotations, straight hair is considered conservative, which can be great in the workplace but maybe not at the office party. If you’re naturally curly and choose to straighten it every day in an effort to be taken seriously, you’ll love Lu’s Control Collection. Formulated with Murumuru Seed Butter, this natural product prevents flyaways and frizz for powerful people who have no time for touch ups

Long Hair Limits

Long hair

Long hair is considered to be a youthful and carefree look, but if your go-to hairstyle goes beyond shoulder length, you better watch out. You may be thought of as a bit too Bohemian! What’s wrong with hippy vibes? Nothing at all, but some bosses may consider it less professional. If you don’t care about a little shade being thrown your way in the office and are happy with your cascading locks, keep it growing!

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Short hair

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn, the pixie haircut has been a big hit among women for decades. There’s no denying that short hair rocks, but what are your first thoughts when you see a short 'do? It’s traditionally considered less sexy than long hair and has been perceived (not by us!) as a way for women to climb the professional ladder by fitting in more with male counterparts in the workplace. From Demi Lovato to Eva Mendes, it’s pretty clear that short hair can be both sexy and professional. It also requires a lot less work than other hairstyles.

Red Hair is Fire

Red hair

Whether it’s dyed or natural, red hair always stands out from the crowd. In fact, natural redheads make up less than two percent of the world’s population. Fun, outgoing, and fiery, people with red hair are loving and mysterious by nature. They are also considered to be quick-tempered and a bit eccentric.

Dark Haired Destroyer

Dark hair

The majority of women in the world have naturally darker shades of hair. While there was a period where people were electing to dye their hair blonde, it seems that the trend is reverting back to the natural look these days. Dark hair is often considered more thoughtful, which may add to its allure, and it tends to be taken more seriously in the workplace.

Blonde Hair Has Its Moments

Blonde hair

Considered youthful and attractive by many, they’re called blonde bombshells for a reason. It’s more eye-catching than darker hair because it's less common, and helps women stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, women with blonde hair can be taken less seriously because of certain negative associations with intelligence. And if you think that's simply a workplace myth, read what Eileen Carey, CEO and co-founder of software company Glassbreakers, said about showing up to work with her natural blonde hair. Blonde hair is also said to absorb more vitamin D from the sun, boosting the body’s energy, so maybe there’s some truth behind the age-old adage that “blondes have more fun.”

There’s No Beating Natural

Natural hair

No matter which hairstyle you go for and whatever your natural look is, there’s no steadfast rule about how it will be perceived. If you treat it well with a great hair care routine, it will become your greatest asset as you navigate life’s ups and downs. Try The Lu Beauty Collection and start your journey to better hair health.

Let's face it. We're often judged by our looks, and our hair plays an important role in our appearance. Whether or not these style stereotypes hold true for you, there's one thing we can all agree on: confidence has no hairstyle!